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Using Microsoft Word Translation feature to learn languages

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 5:04 pm
by mentecuerpo
I want to share how I am using Microsoft Word Translation feature to get the comprehensible input to understand the text in my target language.

• Get audio content of your target language, one to five minutes duration is ideal.
(Search on an online newspaper for video clip or audible content, YouTube videos, podcast, etc.)
• Get the transcription of the audio.
(Ideally, the audio has a text transcription, if not, you may upload the audio to an online service for Speech to Text to get the transcript)
• I use windows player to play the audio.
(I check “turn repeat on” if I want to listen to the audio over and over as I do other computer tasks, like emailing, or work-related tasks).
• Paste the transcript text to a Microsoft Word Document.
(go to the word ribbon “Review” then, “Translate” to “Translate selection.” Important: you must be online for Word Translation to work.)
• Read as you listen to the audio file simultaneously.
(Play and Pause the audio as you highlight the text you want the translation in a language you know.)