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READ BEFORE POSTING: Self-Promotion Policy

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:17 pm
by Bluepaint
If you have come here just to promote your product or have it reviewed then email us first just as any professional organisation would.

People link-dropping spoils the place and such posters rarely contribute anything once they've posted their link. We want this to be a pleasant place for us all and would prefer people not to have to wade through threads and replies of dubious quality. It's a place to chat, learn and geek out, not a marketplace. Equally, our fellow members are not here just to give you free feedback on your product or to buy it. "Free access" is rarely much of a reward unless your product is the next Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, etc. And going on past experience, it probably isn't. Some kind souls will spend their time checking out what you are offering and will write considered replies. If they are kind enough to do this then you should at least show some courtesy and follow our rules. It is only polite to request to post in our space, rather than treating it as a given that we will test your product for free.

To all current members, if you notice any questionable link please report it and we will clean up as soon as we can.

Thanks to everyone for helping with this!