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DuoLingo Language Podcasts

Postby kanewai » Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:45 pm

I was looking at the top podcasts for different countries, trying to get some ideas for new shows, and the DuoLingo French Podcast kept popping up in the top ten.

I'm not a fan of DuoLingo. I don't hate it; I think it's somewhat fun and probably harmless, but mostly useless. It's also the app that too many of my friends use & keep insisting I try. That part is annoying.

But since it kept popping up on the lists, I gave it a try. And so I am pleasantly surprised to report that their podcasts are actually good! It's at "intermediate" French or Spanish. There is an English narrator who sets the scene, and then a native language actor who relates the story. The themes are more interesting than any intermediate podcast I've encountered - yesterday I listened to a segment on the first South American sommelier, and on a French paysan who opened his farm to unregistered immigrants.

It's about fifty percent English, though I didn't find that as distracting as I thought I would.

I like listening to intermediate podcasts - it boosts my confidence, and I think it's useful to listen to pods where I have a high comprehension rate. I've quit other intermediate podcasts in the past, usually because the topics were too insipid (along the lines of Marcus loves living in Paris! He can't wait to share his favorite bistros with you! Or worse, the one where Nadia kept talking about horoscopes, dating, and organic food in Tuscany). These I might keep in rotation, alongside the more challenging pods.

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What I'd really like is for these to be so successful that they make them in other languages. It's always French and Spanish. Hopefully other languages are in the queue.
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Re: DuoLingo Language Podcasts

Postby MorkTheFiddle » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:21 pm

We share the same opinion about Duolingo, and the Duolingo podcasts are a good find. I just listened to the opening of the French one about the fellow who moved to Réunion. But I am going to switch to the Spanish podcasts. Thanks for the tip.
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