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English resources

Postby rdearman » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:44 pm

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My daily resources list

Postby EGP » Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:33 am

I thought I might add my favourite resources that I use on a daily basis and noticed the blank space under corpora:

The absolute biggest and a free set of corpora is:


I paid about $100 AUD to get full access to it for 3 years. So if anyone needs help with anything using it, let me know. Even though I paid, there are still some limitations to what can be searched. In particular, I wish I could run POS variable length queries.

The other much less known, but a wonderful video based corpora is:


The cool thing with this one is that you can do variable length queries with less frequent words.

Finally you may have noticed I still have some frustrations with both of them. This is where creating your own corpus becomes the best solution and tagging it for me is best done with the very sophisticated

CLAWS 7 tagset online for free:


I have used free concordancers like ANTCONC, but find it freezes up for the type of complex tasks I demand.


I have settled now on and am extremely pleased with the free 'notepad++' for all my language research and coding.


It can do 'search and replace' with regular expressions across multiple files you have open and locate the language you are looking for without crashing

If anyone wants help with regular expressions let me know. I have learnt it as a new language of sorts over the last few years and it is just mind-blowing what kinds of things it can locate and do.

Then there are two must-see learner corpus referenced sites: The English Grammar Profile

https://englishprofile.org/english-gram ... egp-online and the English Vocabulary Profile http://vocabulary.englishprofile.org/st ... about.html

Both of these use the CEFR levels to define the language that is presented.

Hope this helps anyone interested in language exploration from real texts.

ps. I have no affiliations with any of these sites.
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I research English grammar and vocabulary in corpora.

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