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Hungarian resources

Postby Chung » Fri Sep 24, 2021 1:44 am

This list will be updated periodically as new resources emerge. For a summary of the language that’s oriented for prospective learners including comments on learning material, please see “Proposed Hungarian Profile


- “Assimil – Le hongrois” [for those who know French]
- “Colloquial Hungarian
- “Teach Yourself Get Started in Hungarian
- “Teach Yourself Complete Hungarian
- “Halló, itt Magyarország!” series (CEFR A1-B1):
- “Hungarian the Easy Way” series
- “Hungarolingua” series (CEFR A1-B2)
- “Lépésenként magyarul” series (CEFR A1-B1)
- “MagyarOK” series (CEFR A1-B2)
- “PONS Power-Sprachkurs Ungarisch für Anfänger” (CEFR A1-A2) [for those who know German]
- “Szia! Neu. Ungarisch für Anfänger” (CEFR A1-A2) [for those who know German]
- “Lehrbuch der ungarischen Sprache” (Molnár) CEFR A1-B1) [for those who know German]
- “Lehrbuch der ungarischen Sprache” (Graetz) (CEFR A1-B1?) [for those who know German]
- “Taalcursus Hongaars” (CEFR A1-A2?) [for those who know Dutch]
- “Uitgesproken Hongaars” (CEFR A1-A2?) [pronunciation tutorials for those who know Dutch]
- “Jó szórakozást magyarul! - Fun Reading Exercises / Olvasókönyv magyarul tanulóknak” (CEFR B1-B2)
- “Miről van szó” (CEFR B2 - vocabulary development course)
- “Variációk négy témára” (CEFR C1 - vocabulary development course)
- “Variációk újabb négy témára” (CEFR C1 - vocabulary development course)
- Basic Hungarian Course by Aaron Rubin
- Hungarotips
- Le hongrois avec András (course for French-speakers)
- Let's Learn Hungarian!
- Curs online de limba maghiară (basic online course for Romanian-speakers)
- FSI Hungarian Basic Course vols. 1-2 & Graded Reader
- DLI Hungarian Basic Course vols. 1-10
- Downloadable textbook “Felsőfokon magyarul” (CEFR B2-C1)
- Online lessons from the series “Szóról szóra magyarul
- Online lessons at the YouTube channel “Do you speak Hungarian?
- Online lessons at the YouTube channel “Easy Hungarian with Petra
- Online lessons at the YouTube channel “Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi
- Online lessons at the YouTube channel “Hungarize
- Online lessons at the YouTube channel “Learn Hungarian with HungarianPod101

- Gyakorló magyar nyelvtan szójegyekkel – A Practical Hungarian Grammar with Glossary
- Hungarian: An Essential Grammar
- Hungarian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar
- Grammaire fondamentale du hongrois [for those who know French]
- Der ungarische Sprachbau [for those who know German]
- Ungarische Grammatik [for those who know German]
- Sets of exercises in grammar for beginning and intermediate students at Magyar nyelvi gyakorlatok kezdőknek és haladóknak (in Hungarian only)
- Worksheets and grammar exercises from Magyaróra
- Tanulj magyarul! (Lerne Ungarisch!) (notes on Hungarian grammar for German-speakers)
- Downloadable guides for Hungarian conjugation and grammar in general by László Ragoncsa
- The Magyar-Tanulás Repository

Reference material
- Bilingual dictionaries published by Akadémiai Kiadó
- “Angol-magyar/Magyar-angol tanulószótár” published by Grimm Könyvkiadó
- “Hungarian-English/English-Hungarian Practical Dictionary” published by Hippocrene Books
- “Dirty Hungarian” (phrasebook of Hungarian slang for speakers of English)
- “Wörterbuch der ungarischen Umgangssprache” (Hungarian-German dictionary of slang)
- “Vigyázz, angol!” (guide to English slang for Hungarians)
- Online bilingual dictionaries issued by Lingea
- Online bilingual dictionaries issued by SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control)
- Online explanatory Dictionary of the Hungarian Language (monolingual)
- English-Hungarian phrasebook from ERIC
- Hogymondom - szleng szótár (Online monolingual dictionary of slang)

- Hungarian National Corpus

- Practice tests for Hungarian as a foreign language ("Magyar mint idegen nyelv") – ELTE Origó
- Practice tests for Hungarian as a foreign language ("Magyar") - ECL


- MTV (national public broadcaster)
- RTL Klub (private TV channel)
- TV2 (private TV channel)
- Viasat3 (private TV channel)
- Hír TV (private news channel)

- “Hungarian in Hungary” from Langmedia at Five Colleges Center for the Study of World Languages
- Interviews with Hungarians from YouTube channel “Easy Languages”
- Playlists of “Magyar népmesék” (Hungarian folk tales) with optional English subtitles
- List of online videos on YouTube in Hungarian organized by genre (e.g. TEDx talks, shows, movies, tutorials) and availability of subtitles

- Playlist of Hungarian movies on YouTube

N.B. Other Hungarian movies can be found for purchase or online viewing on YouTube either by typing a specific movie’s name, “magyar film” or similar through a Google-search.


N.B. Other podcasts in Hungarian can be found by running a search in Google using a specific podcast’s name, “magyar podcast” or similar

- List of Hungarian radio stations

- Hangoskö

N.B. Other audiobooks in Hungarian can be found by running a search in Google using a specific audiobook’s name, “magyar hangoskönyv” or similar.

Tutorials from YouTube channel “Learn Hungarian with”:


Newspapers and tabloids
- Blikk
- Bors
- Index
- Magyar Hírlap
- Magyar Nemzet
- Nemzeti Sport
- Népszava
- Portfolio
- Világgazdaság

- Hungarian electronic library
- Collection of texts sorted by author at Digital Literary Academy from the Petőfi Museum of Literature
- Collection of texts (mainly reference works and academic-related texts) at Digital Textbook Library (Digitális Tankönyvtár)
- Online collection of Children's literature from the International Children's Digital Library - includes texts in Hungarian

N.B. Examples of Hungarian prose and poetry can be found online for reading or purchase by running a search in Google using a specific writer’s name, a title, “magyar irodalom” or similar.

- r/hungarian

N.B. Forums in Hungarian on various topics/interests can be found online by running a search in Google using “magyar nyelvű fórum” or the Hungarian term of the topic combined with “fórum”. In a few instances, a search on Google of “magyar fórum” may, among other results, yield hits for “Magyar Fórum” which is the weekly newspaper of the Hungarian nationalistic political party, MIÉP (“Party of Hungarian Justice and Life”).

Comics and humor
- Adri képregényei
- Bogi a pulikutya
- Butlers netképregénye
- Dilbert magyarul (“Dilbert” in Hungarian)
- Flix napihős
- Garfield (“Garfield” in Hungarian)
- Gogi’s Comics
- Hagar, a tulok (“Hägar the Horrible” in Hungarian)
- Heathcliff (“Heathcliff” in Hungarian)
- Hé, Dodó!
- Kázmér és Huba (“Calvin and Hobbes” in Hungarian)
- Legofield
- Ludas Matyi Online
- Napirajz
- Nyúl meg a többiek
- Original Comix
- Ötéves öcskös
- Párkocka
- Sziluett
- Szuperbirka
- A Z’aggressziv Nyúl Kalandjai

N.B. Comic books in Hungarian are available for purchase through Hungarian bookstores. Run a search on Google using “magyar képregény” or similar.


- Dual-language (English-Hungarian) articles from “Reader’s Digest”
- Static profile for Hungarian at
- Suggestions for prospective learners of Hungarian


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Re: Hungarian resources

Postby Vordhosbn » Fri Sep 24, 2021 3:50 am

A most excellent compilation, Chung. Not much to add, other than a small collection of presumably worthy resources published by Buske Verlag. They include a textbook (2021 edition), dictionary and a couple of grammatical treatises.
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Re: Hungarian resources

Postby Snufkin » Mon Sep 27, 2021 6:05 am

For advanced learners, the University of Pécs has also published 3 workbooks that cover all kind of B2/C1 topics : "Miről van szó?", "Variációk négy témára", "Variációk újabb négy témára". Sample pages can be found here.

For French speakers, there's also "La grammaire fondamentale du hongrois" by Thomas Szende (INALCO). It's not as user-friendly as "A practical Hungarian Grammar" and it doesn't come with exercises but it's more detailed and gives more examples.

In Dutch, there's Coutinho's textbook to learn Hungarian : "Taalcursus Hongaars" and the companion book to practise your pronounciation "Uitgesproken Hongaars".
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