James's 2018 NaNoWriMo really tiny novel in English

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Re: James's 2018 NaNoWriMo really tiny novel in English

Postby James.A. » Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:19 pm

16th day! Enjoy!

Emily sat on the armchair next the her grandfather’s desk. The sun was already setting behind her when she put the book on her laps. A moment’s hesitation and then… she opened it for the first time. She felt the first page with her fingertip and she felt as if she was feeling her mother’s skin for the first time. It was time. She was ready.

“Under... every... almond tree...” she read slowly trying to form the works out of the mystical symbols. Under every almond tree. These were the first words her mother ever told her.

“Under every almond tree there is a home for the fairies. Nobody can see these little houses, but they exist. Every time a fairy feels the need to start a family, she flies to a little girl and sits on her shoulder like a pirate’s parrot. She stays there for weeks, sometimes even for months. Nobody sees her, but she is there. She eats peaces of the girls hair, just a bite everyday. Every night she sleeps on the pillow next to the little girl and just before dawn, the fairy wakes up, puts her little head next to the girls right ear and start telling her her life story.

The girl listens the fairy’s voice and in her sleeping mind the words turn into dreams. She learns how the cool air of a spring’s morning feels on the face when you are flying for the first time with you blue wings. She learns how to color the leeves with paints taken from the sun and how to shake the pollen off of your feet when you fly by mistake into a big flower. She learns how to drink the dewdrop from the petals early every morning and how to choose the best seed to bury in the earth for the winder.

And then, when the weeks have passed and the girl knows everything about the life of a fairy, she wakes up just before dawn with an almond in her hand. She steps off of her bed and...”

“It’s late, my princess.” her grandfather said. “Time for sleep.”

Emily looked at her grandfather’s blue eyes.

“Just a little more.”

“Tomorrow again, Emmy. It’s late.”

She reluctantly stepped of her armchair and put the book on the desk.

“It will wait for you tomorrow.” said her grandfather and took the book. “Goodnight.”

Emily went to bed feeling exhausted that night but she couldn’t sleep. She tried to close her eyes and count sheep like her grandmother always said that she should do when she couldn’t sleep, but it didn’t work. Then she tried to picture herself in that forest full of almond trees, buried under the white flowers, but that didn’t work either. She wanted to continue the fairy tale.

When the big wooden clock in the big hall struck ten, she have decided to go to the library and continue the book. Her grandfather have permitted her to go into the library whenever she wanted, haven’t he? He didn’t say “Don’t go after nine” or anything like that. So, she had the right to go. She jumped out of her bed and went to the door. She stood there for a moment and listened for sounds that would mean that someone else was awake. Nothing. She opened the door softly and tiptoeing, she took some steps in the hall. It was the first time that she was awake that late into the night, but she wasn’t scared. It was her home and she knew that there was nothing in it to be scared of.
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