Book Club: Final vote for November and December books

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I would like to read...

"Emma" in November and/or "Metamorphosis" in December
"Metamorphosis" in November and/or "Emma" in December
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one or both books, but the order doesn't matter
Total votes: 5

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Book Club: Final vote for November and December books

Postby Mista » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:54 pm

In the last poll, these two books were chosen for November and December:
- Jane Austen: Emma
- Apuleius: Metamorphosis, or The Golden Ass

This poll is your chance to influence which one we read when, in case you can't wait to read one of them, or if you really want to read one of them but won't have time until December. Or whatever reason you may have to have a preference...

The poll will run for three days.
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