I want to tell you Istanbul

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I want to tell you Istanbul

Postby mrmrist » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:10 am

Over 15 million people live in Istanbul.
It is among the most crowded citys.
About 7 million tourists visit Istanbul every year.
There are a lot of things you will want to see.
Mosques , museums , streets , historicals places , palaces all of these are great.
if you have children you must visit Vialand or Jurassic Land.
If you interested in Aquarium you can visit Aqua Park.
The Ottoman Empire have directed its cities for 600 years from topkapi palace...
You must'n trust salesman who wants to sell you postcards outside or near the Topkapı Palace.
Istanbul includes two continentals.
One of them asia ,the other Europe.
There are three bridges which connects the continents.
it takes abot five minutes to change continents.If you want to change continent you take ferryboat, subway or taxi.
If you feel hungry you can eat fish bread from historical boats near the boshphorus...
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