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Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:29 pm
by renaissancemedici
Fantastic thread.

Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie

Meurtres à...

Nicolas le Floch

My most favourite: Chérif: great character and an amazing soundtrack.

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:55 pm
by Kraut
"Il etait une fois" is science, history etc for children, and this is the advantage for the foreign learner: we have all done this, heard it at school, learnt it. We know the contents, here they are presented in the words we want to learn.

Il était une fois... l'Homme etc
Sciences / Enfants / Il était une fois... Les découvreurs / Sciences en français / Cours pour les 3 à 12 ans ... _l%27Homme

Darwin : la théorie de l’évolution
Comment les espèces animales ont-elles évolué au cours des siècles ?
Comprendre la théorie de l'évolution par sélection naturelle et jouer à « Menaces sur les espèces ». ... levolution

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:23 pm
by Lawyer&Mom
If you like educational TV for kids, then you must check out C'est pas sorcier. They have hundreds of episodes on YouTube. Really well done explanations of Science for middle grades. Fun topics too, like “How do they make candy?” I found it really understandable even when I was just starting out, because as a grown-up you already have a good idea what they will teach the kids, and because the visuals closely match the narration.

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:04 pm
by Kraut
I think I watched the very first episodes of "C'est pas sorcier" many years ago. I don't remember the channel on which they were broadcast. They seem to do a repeat of the episodes on the "Gully" youth channel on Wednesdays: ... as-sorcier.
I remember that there were subtitles at the time, YouTube doesn't have them.

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:06 am
by DaveAgain
TV5Monde are currently repeating Ainsi soient ils (mentioned above by Kanewai). ... -episode-1

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:12 am
by PeterMollenburg
MorkTheFiddle wrote:Un Village Français (several disks, purchased). Grim life under enemy occupation during World War 2. Could have been called 50 shades of grey in reference to the various shades and mix of courage and collaboration in both villagers and occupiers. Uneven, with the first 2 and the last season the best. First rate acting and direction, especially for the seasons mentioned. I confess to getting quite emotionally involved with some of the characters, both pro and against. I also confess to relying on the English subs.

(bolding mine) Yep, my favourite too! Excellent series. I'm surprised the French series in general, imo, have not lived up to the occasional outstanding Flemish or German series I've watched, but this one does. It's fantastic, quality, engaging, lengthy and just all round bloody well done.

Equal 2nd
Les hommes de l'ombre (Spin) (SBS Australia)
High quality political thriller. Intelligent, cunning, twists and turns, PR campaigns that make the president look his best despite the scandals. Stars Bruno Wolkowitch, Grégory Fitoussi (Engrenages).

Very decent crime series that I have never finished watching as I vowed to get back to it once my French could handle the fast paced police talk!

kanewai wrote:Les revenants ("The Returned" on Netflix) - the dead come back to life, and don't know that they're dead.

(bolding mine). Yeah, I really enjoyed this. Suspenseful, VERY intriguing.

Equal 3rd - Three crime series
La Forêt (Netflix)
Really well done crime series set in Wallonia. The subject matter is a little tough, but the series is done quite well.

La Trêve (The Break) (Netflix)
Also in Wallonia. Starts slow but has some interesting turns. Worth a look, hang in there.

zjones wrote:I really liked Les Témoins (The Witnesses in English Netflix), a police show that I binged in a week. It's not fast-paced but it drew me in almost immediately, and in some ways it reminded me of Broadchurch. There are strong emotional undertones which made it all the better.

Yes, I found this to be a pretty decent series as well. Set in coastal Northern France

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:36 pm
by Kraut
I like those real estate programs, because you get natural colloquial language and they are very easy to follow. Most are subtitled and I can access them free at the satelllite

in multistream with excellent picture and audio

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:41 pm
by Sunday
I want to mention Kaamelot again.. super funny and addictive. and for free from youtube as well if you are outside of France.

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:43 pm
by golyplot
Transferts (surprised noone's mentioned this yet. I hope it gets a season 2)
Dix pour cent
Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service)
Le chalet

Dishonorable mention:
The Returned. I know the show itself is popular, but at least in the US, it comes with baked in subtitles on Netflix, which makes it an automatic hard pass for me.

Youtube Premium:
Les Emmerdeurs

Re: French: your favourite TV shows

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:05 pm
by an onyme
Nthing Dix pour cent! I love this show, though I wonder how much I'm missing out on by not knowing anything about the French entertainment world. It is just my style of humor, though: subtle and character-based.

Also love C'est pas sorcier. Apparently a Korean dub was produced and broadcast at some point though it's been hard to track down.

Dishonorable mention: La Mante (on Netflix). The premise of a female serial killer being granted permission to work with her estranged policeman son to catch a copycat killer was so good! (My reaction was like this comedy sketch) But the execution was not. All the characters were just wooden puppets for a plot that was designed to have one shocking revelation per end of episode that is revealed to be nothing by the next.

Wish list: A Québecois remake of Trailer Park Boys