Spanish Verb Flashcard Creation

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Re: Spanish Verb Flashcard Creation

Postby Cavesa » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:12 pm

I am using three awesome courses on Memrise, by Edthird.

The format is the one I prefer and have used it for my own French Verb course there.

example of a card:
Q: yo HABLAR presente
A: hablo

Why do I prefer it and think it is awesome?
-the whole conjugation on one card would be too much. I don't want to review the big cards eternally because of making mistake in one form
-no translation complication. even I am is a complicated question, as the answer can be soy, or estoy. And there are worse. When I want to learn the vocabulary, I use other card decks, this is the one for conjugation.
-the idea with sentences is very good, but I find the "normal" drills more efficient
-this format isn't in one base language. I learn my new languages from sources based in at least two, more often three, sources. So, instead of tying the conjugation of hablar to the conjugation of to talk/to speak (what did I mention a few lines above!), and to the conjugation of parler, and to to the conjugation of mluvit. And I find it especially wrong, when people use the grammar terminology from a different langauge. It doesn't work like this 1 English tense = that 1 Spanish tense. So, it gets confusing.

organisation of the deck:
one level =one verb in all the forms.
Beginners and intermediates should use the ignore function a lot, as you certainly don't need it all, especially at the beginning.
An advantage for beginners and intermediates: you can choose to learn individual verbs, as you encounter them in context in your other learning resources.
This link will add you to a group with the whole three courses I am I talking about.
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