Finding time for languages when you are extremely busy

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Re: Finding time for languages when you are extremely busy

Postby Iversen » Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:12 pm

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Since I'm retired should in principle have lots of time, but it doesn't feel like that. However I'm used to doing two or three things simultaneously which helps alleviate the problem. Like watching TV with subtitles, listening to music and studying. Who said men can't multitask?

And no, I don't run - I walk (often several hours). But that's one situation where I could have done more, namely listening to gadgets while moving my feet. But I just walk, and luckily it appears that walking is conducive to thinking, including thinking in other languages.
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Re: Finding time for languages when you are extremely busy

Postby jmar257 » Tue Apr 20, 2021 1:05 pm

alexraasch wrote:What has worked for me quite well is this: The first thing I do every day after getting up is language learning. I don't make coffee, I don't even hit the shower first. Starting the day with language learning first thing guarantees that I do at least a little something language related.

Now, I'm lucky enough that my work starts rather late and I don't have a lot of other obligations so I usually do 1-2 hours a day before anything else. But even if you can only spend 15-20 minutes, or you simply don't feel like doing more, then no matter what happens that day or how stressful it is going to be, you're making some progress or at least maintaining what you have already learnt.

This is similar to what I do, except I do it while drinking coffee because my roommate is an early riser and it's already brewed when I get up. This is something I've really grokked lately (although I "knew" it before), but you really have to prioritize and make time for things. For years I did language study when I got a chance (assuming I felt like it), and as you can imagine I didn't get very far. Nowadays it's something I start my day with, and unless I woke up late or have pressing work stuff to get to right away, I get my language study in. So I guess my advice is to just schedule it and accept the trade-offs of whatever else you would have been doing with that time. I also fill in gaps with reading and listening, and while I do both (especially reading) pretty often I can't say it's exactly regular, especially when working from home and I randomly get bits of my day free.
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