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Ask specific questions about your target languages. Beginner questions welcome!
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Re: Reading time

Postby Serpent » Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:22 pm

Which site is it? :D

Of course it's a good idea to read in your newer languages. It all depends on how you feel about translations, really. I love reading in translation and I'd only read something in English if it's not available in another language. I've kinda reprogrammed my brain to the point that I genuinely enjoy things less in Russian, unless there are some other perks like watching videos with mum or something.

Try not to compare yourself to those who read in L1 only.
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LyricsTraining now has Finnish and Polish :)
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Re: Reading time

Postby kmurphy930 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:18 am

Deinonysus wrote:
lichtrausch wrote:
kmurphy930 wrote:Have a random question that's kinda related: Does reading the same book in multiple languages give some superhuman comprehension? Like, if I read 7 Habits of highly effective people in 7 languages, would I become some sort of demi-god?
No and no.
Well I don't know. I've read the first chapter of Harry Potter in three languages and it might just be a coincidence but I was able to put in all of my air conditioner window units by myself this summer, and one of them is really heavy.

I think I like this answer better. :D
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Re: Reading time

Postby Dylan95 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:32 am

guiguixx1 wrote:Hi all!

I'm currently reading in French, English and Italian daily for a challenge on a website with people addicted to reading, for each X pages read, you get points, so that I'm encouraged to keep reading, something I didn't do enough last year.

Ever since a previous post on how to maintain languages, I've read an article on Luca's website where he explains how he maintains his 13 languages, and he does so mainly by organizing his life around them, and so he tries to use them regularly, on a daily/weekly basis.
I therefore feel like I'm wasting my time reading in languages I already master AND that I already use enough on a daily basis. So I'd be tempted to stop reading in these languages. However, I read books in these languages which interest me, I don't read novels or books for the sake of reading, but I read to learn new things, and the books I read happen to be in French/English. So I feel like I am wasting my time AND doing something useful.

Has this ever occurred to anyone? Do you think I should only keep reading in languages I want to improve (Dutch, Spanish, Italian)? Reading in French and English already takes time, time I'm not investing in other, weaker languages, and that's the problem..

Thanks a lot for your opinion on this matter!

I think you should continue reading in languages you feel comfortable in. It helps one maintain a larger vocabulary more efficiently.
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