Interesting podcasts?

Ask specific questions about your target languages. Beginner questions welcome!
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Re: Interesting podcasts?

Postby Jinx » Fri May 07, 2021 7:12 pm

MorkTheFiddle wrote:
Jinx wrote:I'd like to revive this moribund thread and request more recommendations, from anyone and everyone. I've only recently gotten into podcasts, and I notice that I spend much more time trying to find decent-quality ones than I do... actually listening.

Language doesn't matter, as long as it's not English. Hit me!

I'm not sure this is what you are looking for. Ivoox has a selection of broadcasts in Spanish. It has an app as well.
Something sort of similar at France Culture. And Radio France has an app.
But maybe you wanted specific suggestions? In which case, what specifically interests you?

These are useful-looking links too, thanks! I'm up for anything – either specific podcasts or general podcast sources. Everything I'm seeing in this thread so far is perfect. I just like hearing about people's favorites. And even if I don't end up enjoying all of them myself, I'm sure they'll be just the ticket for someone else :)
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Re: Interesting podcasts?

Postby chove » Sat May 08, 2021 1:11 am

This is a very useful thread! I have downloaded some of 'Eine Stunde History' and 'Un Idioma Sin Fronteras' to listen to on my mp3 player.
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Re: Interesting podcasts?

Postby sporedandroid » Sat May 08, 2021 7:07 am

I never really got into the habit of listening to podcasts in English, so getting into podcasts in Hebrew was fairly easy once I could understand the gist. I’m still getting the hang of finding podcasts that are actually interesting vs. podcasts I just listened to for practice.

חושבים טוב A popular self-development podcast about positive psychology. Not I’m not sure how much I actually enjoyed it. I found it fairly easy to follow, so I listened to it a lot in 2020.

מיינדסט Mindset Another popular self-development podcast. It seems like I could find quite a few easy to follow self-development podcasts. I’m not entirely sure how practical or enjoyable these podcasts are. I did find a tiny bit of the things I heard on this podcast useful. Like most self-development it’s fairly generic advice. That did help make it comprehensible to me.

עוד פודקאסט לסטאראפים This podcast is about startups. I find several episodes fairly interesting, but some can ramble too much.

מחוץ לקופסא This podcast is about psychology, but it’s actually aimed at therapists. It makes it more interesting than a lot of self-help podcasts.

כנגד כל הסיכויים The host of this podcast had cancer and had to amputate one of her legs. In this podcasts she chats with people who have had similar experiences to her.

דברים שרואים משם A podcast about Israelis living abroad. It’s fairly interesting and it gives me more of an insight into Israeli culture.
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Re: Interesting podcasts?

Postby mokibao » Wed May 12, 2021 12:17 am

Pensieri e parole in Italian is pretty nice, and lingua also recommended Radio 24. (Note that there also exists a Radio 24 in Switzerland for German but they are not affiliated)

Quomodo Dicitur for Latin, Ellenizometha for Ancient Greek (Koine with Erasmian pronunciation).

Very cool suggestions in this thread, thanks everybody.
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