Getting Most of out TV and Books

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Re: Getting Most of out TV and Books

Postby Sayonaroo » Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:31 pm

honestly the most efficient way of learning thousands of words is reading so the best strategy would be to read intensively and to look up words once in a while watching TV. eventually you'll have learned thousands of words from reading all those hours and you won't have much words to look up from tv shows.
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Re: Getting Most of out TV and Books

Postby AllSubNoDub » Tue Sep 21, 2021 4:52 am

I'm late to the party, but I also second Language Reactor/Learning Languages with Netflix. Migaku is also probably better in some ways, but I think there's a subscription fee. I try to only use L2 subs as a reference, not a crutch, and I only use L1 subs if absolutely necessary (maybe once or twice in a whole episode). I like Language Reactor because I can easily make flashcards for words or phrases I'm interested in, with full sentences and audio, and track them throughout my immersion. So you kind of get the best of both extensive and intensive if you use it cleverly.

There's efficiency and there's effectiveness. Extensive and intensive reading are both effective. Intensive reading is more efficient but less effective if you get bored or frustrated easily. So either works, depending on your personality and learning style. Purely extensive reading requires a lot of reading in my opinion though.

Basically, all in moderation, it doesn't have to exclusively be extensive or intensive, it can be a bit of both. My personal opinion is you need both to really reach your maximum ability in a language.

One suggestion is to try to summarize some of the extensive materials in one of your weekly sessions. I think Iguanamon wrote about doing something like this for his Portuguese also. This will force you to pay more attention and also focus plot and on key words used in the material to write/tell your summary. This is "artificially" making those them active words, but it's still effective in my experience.
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