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Re: Listening-Reading (L-R) by chapter or by book

Postby Random Review » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:35 pm

Dragon27 wrote:
Random Review wrote:it was too difficult for me with Chinese (I couldn't follow enough of the Chinese audio and couldn't use L2 text because of the characters)

Yeah, languages like Chinese/Japanese are very different, and you can't just tackle them head on, like you would a regular European language. The approach should take all these difficulties into account. Look at the way aYa approached Japanese: ... c346179174
Parallel texts in original Japanese (in kanji and in hiragana) + translations + line-by-line audio (cut with Audacity) organized in playlists to be able to listen to one sentence at a time on loop, and to the whole playlist of sentences at once. And she has already studied basics of grammar, kanas, kanji and radicals, phonetics. This is some preparation.

It goes something like this:
- listen to one sentence on loop, while trying to comprehend its structure (how many words?), grammar, meaning, sounds, pitch, intonation. Use text in kanji and spaced hiragana, translation and pop-up dictionary if necessary. After that, concentrate on kanji (while still listening), identify its components.
- do that with the next sentence. And the next one. After 20-30 sentences listen to the whole set of sentences (using the prepared m3u playlist) in a row, consulting the parallel texts, when necessary.
- continue like that until you reach the end. Then start from the beginning, this time only listening, and checking the text if you forget something.

That is very helpful, thank you!
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