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Re: Signing Out Quickly

Postby rdearman » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:08 pm

PeterMollenburg wrote:
rdearman wrote:
PeterMollenburg wrote:I cannot fix this problem :evil:

Do you have the same problem if you use a different browser? E.g. if you normally use Chrome, try Firefox. If the problem doesn't occur in the other browser then it is probably your cache and you need to clear it.

Lately just been using my iphone. I cleared cookies/history, turned off another cookie setting which deleted more ‘stuff’, turned wifi off, shut phone down, same problem. Is this how I clear the ‘cache’ of Safari on an iphone? (tnx for your reply too, btw ;) )

I don't have an iPhone, and don't know much about it. However, assuming I had an iPhone this is how I would clear the cache.
  1. Touch the screen gently with an eggshell and watch it crack into a million pieces.
  2. Smash the iPhone into bits with a hammer.
  3. Burn the pieces in a fire hot enough to melt the metal into slag.
  4. Smash the resultant slag into more pieces.
  5. Deposit what is left into a recycling bin.
  6. Purchase an Android phone.
  7. Install Firefox.
  8. Got to options and click "Clear Cache"

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Re: Signing Out Quickly

Postby PeterMollenburg » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:02 pm

done everything to my spyphone sorry eye on me phone sorry iphone, and still have the problem.... it’s okay, tnx anyway
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