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Re: Super Challenge bot

Postby jeffers » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:22 pm

rdearman wrote:
jeffers wrote:
rdearman wrote:
jeffers wrote:I've just started tweeting again and the bot hasn't picked up all my tweets. I sent five, one after the other, and only the first and 5th were responded to. I wondered if it was because I sent too many at once, so I resent the other three but only sent a tweet after the bot responded to me. Two of the three worked, but the last one gained no response. Is the bot having issues?

Not that I'm aware of. What was the content of the one which wasn't picked up?

The tweet which was ignored was:
@langchallenge #hi #read"RIHR 02 (6th-8th times)" 6 pages (trying again)

Previously it had missed the following three tweets:
@langchallenge #hi #read"RIHR 02 (6th-8th times)" 6 pages
@langchallenge #hi #read"RIHR 03 (6th-8th times)" 6 pages
@langchallenge #hi #read"RIHR 04 (6th-8th times)" 6 pages

I resent all three (with the additional bracket to keep the tweets clear to myself) and it accepted two of them. Just now I resent the missing tweet as follows, and it worked:
@langchallenge #hi #read"RIHR 02 (6th-8th times)" 6 pages (third tweet attempt)

Don't know if it is just the copy and paste, but is there a space between #read and " ???

Wow, I missed the obvious: the space is missing.
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