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Re: Creating a section for people looking for LEPs

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:22 pm
by iguanamon
Cavesa, is right. Most of the nonnative speakers of English who are regular participants here are not here to work on their English.

Occasionally, if someone needs help with English and their question has yet to be answered, I will help the poster, just like I would anyone who needed help with any other language. It starts to get very annoying when the same poster is posting thread after thread asking for help with their basic English skills.

Since most of the nonnative speakers of English who are regular participants here are not interested in language exchanges, this would mean attracting new members who would be interested in improving their English. These people would probably have lower level English skills. There are a lot of people in the world who want to improve their English and I would not want this forum to become a sort of ESL forum, nor would I want to be a participant in such a forum. Neither would I want to see any of our female members harassed and/or disrespected.

Remember about a year ago when a high school class in a school in Spain was given a task to come here and introduce themselves on the forum in English? There was at least 20 of them as I recollect. Fortunately, it was innocuous and it didn't go very far beyond that. Imagine that multiplied by ten, every day! ESL learners from China alone could easily overwhelm us. We have something here quite special. There are very few places on the web to talk about languages with people who are as interested in learning them as we are. I'd like to keep it that way. There are several sites where people can go for exchanges.

I agree with rdearman. I think the best way forward, and the best compromise with StringerBell's suggestion is for those members interested in doing an LE to post their availability for LE's in their signature blocks. People can contact them via private message and they can vet them by their post history. Several members here have contacted me via PM for advice and, if I have time available and it's something I can or want to do to help, I am happy to do so. It can be a really nice experience meeting forum members outside the forum either electronically or in real life and I have done so many times.