Suggestion for those who wrote a long response that got lost because you have to login again

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Re: Suggestion for those who wrote a long response that got lost because you have to login again

Postby rdearman » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:15 am

Morgana wrote:
rdearman wrote:
Morgana wrote:If people try these steps, does it solve the logging out problem for you?
rdearman wrote:1) log out of the forum.
2) clear your browser cache and all cookies for this site.
3) log back in and tick the "remember me" option

If this doesn't work, try one additional step between 1 and 2 of rebooting your router to get a new IP address (most people are on dynamic IP addresses)
They have worked for me, so if you have this problem it's probably worth a shot trying them.

These instructions were onky to solve the IP and cache issues we had when migrating over to a new system of load balancing. Not valid generally.
If I follow these instructions every time I visit the forum, I do not experience the logging out issue. If I do not follow these instructions, for example by failing to tick the "Remember Me" box, I do experience the logging out issue as described by others in this thread. So for at least my case, these instructions do still currently apply to the logging out issue. I thought, since they still help me avoid this problem, they might help someone else. I don't know why they work for me if this is no longer the problem going on, but they do.

They might work, but they aren't guaranteed to work. After some discussion with EMK we think the problem lies in either the configuration of the load balancer, or the way phpBB processes cookies passed between load-balanced connections. To fix this will probably involve a couple days of technical work on the configuration and setup of the systems. The snag of course is both emk and myself are too busy to dedicate the 2-3 days to isolate the issue and do all the reconfiguration work.
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