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Re: Zelda's 2019 French Log

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:02 pm
by Cavesa
zjones wrote:In good news, I've started taking classical singing lessons again for the first time in 10 years, and my teacher is encouraging me to keep up my spoken French for singing songs in the language.

Awesome! I haven't been taking classes for half a year and I miss it. Enjoy your classes!
It is just funny, that the French classical singing sometimes requires the exact opposite of the normal pronunciation (such as "r"). It takes some getting used to.
zjones wrote:So far I've only had two lessons, and we are working on the Alexander technique and the song Smoke Gets in Your Eyes from Roberta. The first week I couldn't really figure out how to relax my lower back, but this week we figured out a trick or two to get me to let go. Apparently I just walk around with my back and abs contracted all the time... :lol:

Yes, actually relaxing is a hard thing to do :-D My most problematic part was the jaw. I probably speak with my jaw tightened a lot, and learning to relax it was not easy at all. The back and abs could be tricky too. But perhaps it is less of a problem than being used to them being too relaxed all the time.

I'm curious about your progress in some non English songs! Will be fun!

zjones wrote:In December I put a stop to my phone addiction and regained a lot of that extra energy. I got back into reading (in English), working out, watercolor and yoga. I clawed my way out of my current job position, got assertive with my boss, and I'm now hiring my own replacement so I can be promoted.

Wow! You're my hero.

Any recs for B2+ French programs/courses would be awesome.

There are only 3 classroom aimed courses going up to C1, as far as I'm informed. I like Édito the most. Have a look at the B2 and C1 books, perhaps you'll like one of them. The other two are Alter Ego and Tendances.
The Progressive books are excellent. Either Avancé or Perfectionnement.
The CLE books on the individual skills are not bad, but not sure, whether they are worth the money.
There are several DELF/DALF preparation books with great exercises.
As far as digital resources go,Kwiziq is good, Speakly may still be valuable at your level (even though it is the best for intermediates, in my opinion), and +French courses by Eunoia on decks.memrise might serve you really well, if you use the ignore button on too easy words.