Slow and (un)steady: Swedish and others

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Re: Slow and (un)steady: Swedish and others

Postby Morgana » Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:33 am

Colloquial Icelandic, p. 160, Unit 8, Dialogue 4 wrote:"Og hvað er þetta?"
"Við köllum þetta svið, það eru kindahausar sem eru sviðnur og klofnir í tvennt, og svo soðnir."
"En augun og nefið sjást ennþá! Það er að horfa á mann! En hryllilegt!"
"Það lítur kannski ekki svo fallega út, en kjötið er mjúkt og bragðgott. Sumum þykir gott að borða augun, en ykkur er velkomið að sleppa því…"
Mmmm. /s


I haven't accomplished a lot since last time. Only a few chapters into Swedish HP3, still spinning my wheels in unit 8 of Colloquial Icelandic. I got tired of the dillydallying with the various languages on the side.

With Swedish I decided to try an audiobook that I've never read the book for :shock: So I started Röta late last night. Coming as news to no one: it is indeed harder to understand something you've not listened to and/or read before. I'm looking forward to getting through this book via the audiobook though. It will hopefully be interesting to read the book afterward and see what I missed and/or what I was able to work out.

Oh. I'm also maybe going to try to watch all four seasons of Bron, without subtitles, within the next 30 days. 38 episodes, about one hour each, it shouldn't be impossible. I've watched seasons 1-3 before, with English subs. I think over a year ago. Watching now with no subs (well, except the ones they have in Swedish when the Danes are speaking) will probably be a challenge. I don't watch tv intensively, ie. no pausing and jumping back 10 seconds to try to catch things I missed, that drives me crazy. I just let it play through.

With Icelandic, there's not much to say. I had a few stalemates with the textbook where I couldn't take it anymore but couldn't just leave the course halfway through :lol: I'm fed up with Anki some days, fed up with making my sentences deck, and then other days I see how it's doing me at least some favours... of course there are probably better ways to get the same results, but given my inconsistent effort I think for now SRS is my best bet.
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