Español...tercera parte!

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Español...tercera parte!

Postby haziz » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:44 am

After abandoning my studies very shortly after my new years resolutions, and dropping my last attempt working mainly through Linguaphone, I feel the urge to start again!

After splurging on some of the teaching materials discounts today, as if throwing money at it would solve my lack of motivation, I am restarting my attempts to learn Spanish. This time focusing on trying to use the language more, hence I envisage listening to podcasts, iTalki conversations, reading simplified Spanish material. I need to update some of my progress "bars" below, since I may not focus on these materials.

If you want to look at my prior attempts at tackling Spanish these were my prior logs:

Spanish B1 Level by May 2016 [Spanish TAC 2016]


Hopefully my motivation holds up better this time!
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