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Post-Christmas update

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:04 pm
by zjones
Christmas mucked up my motivation and my learning schedule. I had a nice quiet Christmas, but without fail, my willpower decreases after holidays and I have to spend a few days getting everything back in order. (I'm seriously wondering if eating massive amounts of sugar might be to blame for me feeling so blah.)

French, meh

French has suffered the most from the holiday upset, partly because I don't know what to do with it. My brain kind of feels like mush when I look at something in French, and my production skills have flown away. I'm questioning my routine again because it feels like I'm not accomplishing or learning anything, but I know that my progress is going to be very gradual because I'm in the B-levels. In a couple days I'm going to purchase Didier's Reussir le DELF B1 prep book. This is obviously not a learning course, but I'm hoping that it will help me decide where I need to focus my attention with French, especially regarding my oral production. (To be honest, the DELF B1 looks very easy except for the speaking part.) It's really annoying to have my French studies be so random from day-to-day, but the moment that I get more strict with my schedule I start to feel trapped.

Some of my relatives are finally discovering that I've reached a solid intermediate level in French, and of course the inevitable question I get is "Oh, so you're going to teach it?" It's fairly annoying to get these questions because it seems like people don't think people learn languages for fun. However, if I do keep progressing in French steadily, in a few years I may consider tutoring, especially in our area where there are no French natives and very few people who speak second languages proficiently. I have already been asked to tutor a kid, but I declined because my French is really nowhere near solid enough (which is also something people don't seem to understand... they think that if you can read a book in French, you must be good enough to teach other people).


I have continued to do Assimil every day, Christmas didn't really affect that. I am now spending 2 days on each lesson, since they have increased in content. I'm figuring out the case and gender of most grammatical units. Anki is still a part of my daily routine. Not sure how long I'll continue learning Greek, but my goal is to at least finish Assimil which hopefully would put me somewhere in the A2-range.

2019 Resolutions

Since my language studies are all over the place, I've been spending more time preparing for the New Year. Our plan is to travel more often this year. I want to see the show Hamilton this year, and it looks like Chicago has a great cast for hundreds of dollars less than NYC. Chicago also has a wonderful improv theatre scene and an Alliance Française. If anyone has been to Chicago and has any tourist recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them.

And then of course I absolutely need to get a black-tie appropriate dress and shop for dress shoes, because I don't have anything to wear to Hamilton. I've been putting this off for years because I really hate shoe-shopping, nothing ever fits and I'm too tall to wear high heels.

I'm not sure about my fitness goals. I'd like to get my deadlift up to 200lbs in 2019, but I haven't been able to check with my trainer to see if that number is a good goal.

Re: Zelda's French Log (+ Modern Greek)

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:29 am
by zjones
Ordered Le DELF -- 100% réussite from Amazon. Looks a little too easy for me, but I don't care, this is where I'm going to start. I want a certification without too much hassle, then I can worry about B2.

I'm taking a 2-3 day break from French before I start studying and using it again on January 1. I had to ban it entirely, because apparently I don't know how to stop doing French things. I am focusing on baking and cooking right now instead, and I am still doing my Greek.

I also banned chocolates. Bad sugar! :x