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Slikew's Spanish Dreams

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:48 pm
by slikew
I have now complete FSI Basic Spanish.

I often start things and then quit, so I am so thankful to Jesus for helping me finish this course over the last 20 months. I know it has taken others much less time, but with work, vacations, long family stays, etc, I am finally done. Thank you Lord!

I have learned so much through the FSI program. If I had to do it all over again, perhaps I would have changed things (adding more reading of other texts and other audio, language exchanges, etc, but this is how I completed it. Thank you to everyone for all of your encouragement and for posting your own logs, which really helped along the way, to provide some guidance on how to work the program and clued me in on tough units up ahead of me.

Thanks you to all who made comments, etc. I really appreciate it.

Slikew's Spanish Dreams continue.....

New Goal - December 2015

Reading/Vocabulary - Leviticus through Johua (Hoping to acquire 2,000 new Words) Reading la Nueva Traducción Viviente - ... iblia-NTV/

1) Read through 4 chapters, marking down all unknown words in an Excel spreadsheet
2) Create Memrise course with unknown words (average 10-15/chapter)
3) Study new words until words are "known"
4) Re-read same 4 chapters, review any words that still caused me trouble
5) Move on to next 4 chapters


1) Listen to 30 sermons from Peruvian pastor(Listen 2-3 times each/sermons average an hour in length) -

2) Finish Destinos (one of those "musts" in Spanish language learning) -

3) Listen to 20 episode of Atraves de la Biblia (Spanish Bible teaching with commentary) -


1) Schedule and follow through with 15 language exchanges (average a little less than 1/week). I am a very busy person, so this will be optional.

Re: Slikew's Spanish Dreams

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:16 am
by CarlyD
Sounds like you've got a firm plan going. Is there a reason you're listening to a Peruvian pastor? I'm just asking because of all the accents out there the two I've had the most difficulty with were Cuban and Peruvian.

Thanks for the link to Destinos--I'd heard about it, but hadn't looked at it yet.