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Re: Sillygoose1's Language Extraordinaire

Postby sillygoose1 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:27 pm


I finished chapter 1 of Botchan on Soseki Project. It took about a week to go through each section, L/R, go through the section again, and practice my listening. Although some of the language and kanji are dated, I don't think this diminishes the effectiveness of the exercise. It's nice to hear literary/normal Japanese for a change instead of learning materials and anime. I've also learned that informal words for "I" such as ore, boku, and atashi can also used in the plural using the -tachi form. Before, I was under the impression that the first person plural was limited to "watashitachi" across the board. I am quite new to anime and never really gave it any serious consideration before because of preconceptions I had of it, but I'm learning a decent amount of vocab and solidifying other words/grammar points. I'm aware that the language used in anime is not really normal, everyday speech but I think it's still good to learn.

Because of my Japanese work lately, I haven't occupied myself with other languages. I would like to finish season 1 of Ivanovy-Ivanovy soon as well as watch some French & German movies and/or series.
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