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Re: Mostly Arabic with Maiwenn

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:50 am
by Maiwenn
Whoops, where did June go? Despite majorly slacking off on reading the past 2 weeks, I'm still on track (and ahead of schedule for Arabic!).

The English translations on this menu are giving me a great chuckle this morning:
Source: ... 5434418177

June Super Challenge Recap

*Ceux qui ont peur (Dima Wannous, translated by François Zabbal) which I read while listening to the Arabic audiobook
*L'Étranger (Camus) will try to read Kamel Daoud's book today/tomorrow

*finished Reckless (Funke)
*began Der Papiermagier (Holmberg) a book I previously read in English.

*finished أعجوبة (Wonder, Palacio translated by Ehab Abdel Hamid). A great read, perfectly at my level.
*قبعة رغدة
(تغريد النجار) Easy read, technically a chapter book, but the type was so big I counted 2 pages as 1 for SC purposes.
*random kindle samples
*began وطلع الصباح
(جوزفين مسعود) intended for middle schoolers and includes definitions for rare, tricky words in Arabic. I'm finding it a bit more of a slog than Wonder.

Haven't added in/calculated any of the listening yet:
*A full season of Cairo Class a drama about Kuwaiti students who have gone to Cairo for university in the 60s.
*The fourth season of Alexa & Katie without subs. My comprehension has gone way up since the first time I watched this show. Yay progress!
*الكبرياء والهوى (Pride and Prejudice, Austen) audiobook
*Avatar: The Last Airbender
*Various episodes of Moroccan series, looking for a show to focus on.
*Intensive listening/transcription of short episodes of the Moroccan show Salwa w Zoubir (SC-ineligible)
*Lots of BBC radio (SC-ineligible)

I've been going through the Arabic textbooks I bought way back when, mining them for vocabulary and expressions I missed for whatever reason. These books are:
*Assimil's Arabic (claims to bring one to B2)
*Harrap's Arabe Méthode express en 15 minutes par jour ! (also claims to bring one to B2)
*Nathan's Arabe Initiation (claims A2 in 20 days)

Goals for July
*Weekly writing about what I've read in Arabic.
*Finish reading through Harrap's Arabe.
*Start active German use again.
*Stay on track!

Re: Mostly Arabic with Maiwenn

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:25 am
I also study arabic ,and would mind recommend me some interesting and meaningful arabic movies?

Re: Mostly Arabic with Maiwenn

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:02 pm
by Maiwenn
ANGELINA wrote:I also study arabic ,and would mind recommend me some interesting and meaningful arabic movies?

Sure! Always happy to have another Arabic student around here. Are you looking for a particular dialect? I've listed a few of my favorites by dialect.

The Idol

‎کفرناحوم‎ (Capernaum)

حادث النيل هيلتون (The Nile Hilton Incident)

Saudi Arabian
بركة يقابل بركة (Barakah Meets Barakah)

Razzia (not exclusively Arabic)

Un divan à Tunis (half French, but excellent)

Re: Mostly Arabic with Maiwenn

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:31 am
by Maiwenn
The Liverpool Arab Arts Festival is all digital this year:
If you RSVP, they will send you a link to watch the films. (Ideally you donate something whilst doing so, but it's not required.) The festival runs through the 18th.
It will kick off with N3rdistan, a Moroccan-led band which I really enjoy, tonight 7pm UK time (on the fb page of the event, available to watch without an account/registering).

In other exciting-to-me news, Kitab Sawti was recently acquired by Storytel and soon I'll have access to allll the Arabic audiobooks. (Okay, not all, but there are a few I wanted to listen to from storytel's catalogue and now I don't need to get a second subscription! Just have to wait a bit.) ... 5552268293

In even more exciting-to-me news, I now have some Arabic-writing penpals through Slowly. It's been going well so far! Highly encouraging on the language front, very fun on the friendship front. It turns out writing goes much more quickly when I'm properly motivated.

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 7:35 am
by Maiwenn
July Super Challenge Recap

Slipped behind here. Still easily within range to make it up in August.
Mostly read Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Pancol), also bits and bobs of non-fiction reading.

Barely on track and I'm pretty sure I didn't do any German listening in July.
Read (but did not finish) Der Papiermagier (Holmberg) and Neun Leben für den Zauberer (Diana Wynne Jones).

Still well ahead. Rewatched Jinn (Jordanian series produced by Netflix), various shows in MSA and Moroccan Darija. Lots of audiobooks and BBC radio.
*Finished لغز عين الصقر, a young adult novel by تغريد عارف النجار. A fun read.
*Began غدي وروان by فاطمة شرف الدين which I'm really loving. It has a lot of emotional depth.
*Various children's books.

*4 italki lessons, including a 90 minute audio-only class. I definitely didn't think my Arabic was strong enough to make myself understood without use of some gesturing, but it turns out it is. Comparing my comprehension now with my comprehension last summer, I'm sure my level is well beyond last year's A2 on the CIMA. It's always exciting to feel concentrated efforts paying off. I assume my production has progressed as well, but that's harder to auto-evaluate. I did have a class with an italki teacher I hadn't seen in a few months and she commented that my level had improved considerably, so that seems like a good sign. ;)
*Almost finished Harrap's Arabe Méthode express.

Goals for August (How is it August already?)
*Get back on track for French reading.
*Finish Harrap's Arabe Méthode express.
*Read through Manuel d'arabe littéral (Khalfallah & Denooz) for some more explicit grammar revision/learning.
*Recap MSA reads in Darija.

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Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:57 pm
by Maiwenn
Once again I am amazed by the passage of time. Later this month I'll be beginning my online licence in Arabic. I'm so excited and spending far too much time refreshing the university's site to see when syllabi, etc, will be posted. I've also been exploring the online resources I now have access to (including Vocable in German!). I can't wait to have more information so I can better plan out my time management.

August Super Challenge Recap

Not a lot to see here (forgot to factor in a 2-week absence). Read a lot of smaller works/parts of books. I did read Les Arpenteurs du monde by Daniel Kehlmann (translated by Juliette Aubert), a novel which I had tried reading in the original German many years ago when its movie came out. It was exceptionally good. I have a copy of the German audiobook courtesy of the library and will probably try listening to that.

*Actually get back on track in French (and now German).
*Finish up غدي وروان. For various reasons, I didn't read much on my kindle last month.
*More non-fiction Arabic reading.
*Make use of my newfound access to Vocable!
*20 minutes daily Arabic writing.

August also included visiting the Museo Egizio in Turin which is the only European museum I've seen so far include displays in Arabic. (None of the major European museums have audioguides in Arabic. The Rijksmuseum is the only one I recall having seen books published in Arabic for sale in their bookshop.) I enjoyed reading through these texts.
Picture of museum display "The Tomb of Iti and Neferu" shows text in Italian, English, and Arabic. From the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy.
IMG_7492.jpg (25.13 KiB) Viewed 326 times

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Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:56 pm
by Maiwenn
Happy October!!

All my courses are now online, so I've started working on them. The first lessons cover fairly basic material which has been nice for easing myself back into the process.

September Recap
*Wrote (at least) 20 minutes EVERY day of September!
*Read ناقص عقل by ليلى بريك.
*Started on an abridged-for-Arabic-students version of ساق البامبو by سعود السنعوسي. It's thoroughly enjoyable, but I've slowed down my reading so as to respond to the include questions/writing prompts. It's been great for getting me to think analytically about writing again.
*Started ست الكل by تغريد النجار for casual reading.
*Various italki lessons, chatting with my partner.
*Still behind on French/German reading.

October Goals
*Stay on track with university courses.
*Finish ست الكل, continue working through ساق البامبو.
*Continue daily writing in Arabic.
*Read minimum amounts in French and German.

I have a new favorite Moroccan movie. For once, it wasn't depressing.

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Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:08 pm
by Maiwenn
October Recap
-- Nearly back on track with French reading for the super challenge. Read Moi, Tituba Sorcière by Maryse Condé, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
-- Finished ست الكل, continued reading through ساق البامبو (abridged AND original version), read some (رعب رأس السنة(صرخة الرعب aka Goosebumps.
-- Did not continue daily Arabic writing... or read any German.
-- Bought a bunch of Arabic books (that counts doesn't it...?).
-- Various italki lessons.
-- 10 days in Morocco with my partner's family. Really grateful we were able to go (and come back). Apparently my level has improved immensely this past year.

November Goals
-- Get back on track with French reading! I picked up a few books from the library before the confinement, so I'll try to get through those this month.
-- Write about Arabic reading.
-- Focus on coursework.

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Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:22 pm
by Deinonysus
That's embarrassing, I'd never heard of Moi, Tituba Sorcière and I live in Salem! I'll need to read it once my French is a bit better.

Re: Mostly Arabic with Maiwenn

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:03 am
by AroAro
Maiwenn wrote:October Recap
-- Nearly back on track with French reading for the super challenge. Read Moi, Tituba Sorcière by Maryse Condé, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It's one of the best books I have ever read in French, nice to see other people like it too. The author's output may be quite uneven, but she's still better than most of the hyped French writers these days.