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Re: Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and more or How Polyglots are Born

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:51 am
by LinguaPony
I'm overcoming my fatigue. Turns out, it's all about adaptation. I guess I'm adapting. But my typing has deteriorated, and now I spend too much time correcting typos, even in my native language. I wonder if that, too, has to do with all the languages I'm stuffing into my head.

For today's Mandarin lesson we were supposed to write an essay - 10 sentences - about our favourite item of clothing. Please... I never cared for clothes, and my groupmate, a guy of 16, cares for them even less. But I did it. had to go way beyond the primitive sentences we've been doing until now, so it's probably all wrong...

For German, we have reached the past tense. I remembered something from my brief encounter with Yiddish, but what stunned me was the similarities between German and Italian where different kinds of the past tense are concerned. Different groups indeed!

Re: Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and more or How Polyglots are Born

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:40 am
by Dandelion
LinguaPony wrote:Chinese: the dictations are getting tougher every time. The teacher dictates always in Russian, so we are supposed to translate the sentences on the fly and do them right in characters. Last time she asked for pin yin also, and that didn't help; tonight she didn't ask for it, but the order of words is getting more and more critical, since we have learned how to talk about time. So I got all the characters right, except one, but my mind was so busy retrieving them from memory that I completely messed the order of words up.

I guess I need to do some such exercises at home during the weekend to do the next dictation better.

Can't wait to start German. As December approaches, I feel more and more impatient about it. But I really need to gain more confidence with Chinese first, so I'm sticking to my plan.

Hello, LinguaPony! I'm just like you, i have't enough confidence to learn English before I practice here on this forum, and now, i have little confidence, just keeping on. I hope you will gain more confidence, come on!

I'm a native Chinese-speaker, i hope i can help you with Chinese, if you need. :)