Japanese learning log - Jumping Into The Deep End

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Japanese learning log - Jumping Into The Deep End

Postby sheirena » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:49 am

To start with, an introduction:
I had a vague idea of learning japanese since about 2001, but didn't make much effort and as a result don't have much to show for it - kana, some kanji and vocabulary, basic grammar. I found studing kanji and vocab in isolation demotivating, so it does not stick for a long enough time. And I can't read without them, when I find reading the best method to move forward in language learning, and also my main motivation.
So I decided to just start reading, with a dictionary, though it will be hard and taxing in the beginning.
In here I will log how I will progress this way. I will start with the ピンクとグレー by 加藤シゲアキ.
(I find, when manga will be easier to read, I get distracted by pictures, and the pressure to understand most of the text instead of "just the gist" is lower, cause I understand most of the story just by pictures, so the novel it is).
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