Tristano's log 2017: Wanderland in the Netherlusts

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Re: Tristano's log 2017: Wanderland in the Netherlusts

Postby Tristano » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:34 pm

Hi, yes, I have to drive quite a bit everyday for work, that's how I can put so much listening! I also finished the third season of Warum Nicht. I now have to stop my listening because of the Christmas vacations, in which it looks like a good idea to do more clozemaster.

This is going to be my last entry for this log.
Review time: I changed plan many times and wasted precious studying time but I put the basics on two new languages. Three of my seven languages are deteriorating though, and this means that what I'm doing is no longer sustainable.
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Re: Tristano's log 2017: Wanderland in the Netherlusts

Postby DaveAgain » Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:30 pm

Ogrim wrote:From the preview available their German in 30 days - course seems a bit different to their "mit System" courses for other languages (I'm using it for Greek and Arabic). The German course has 30 lessons, the others normally 15. However, it seems that one lesson in "mit System" corresponds roughly to two lessons in the German course. And the main structure is the same: A text and/or dialogue, a vocabulary list, grammar explanations and exercises to test what you've learnt.
For German as the target language, Langenscheidt have a german-only course that follows on from their "German in 30 days", Langenscheidt Sprachkurs Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene. It covers B1>B2 in 10 chapters.

(I've not used it, but I've been window-shopping on their website )
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