Aokoye's Journey Through German (and other languages?)

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Re: Aokoye's Journey Through German (and other languages?)

Postby aokoye » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:22 am

So this is how my depression looks from the view of studying languages:
I need to keep studying German but also let's study alllll of the languages!!! Or maybe even just orthography. You are fascinated by Kanji remember. Don't forget that you have hard copies of language textbooks in how many languages (and then there are the electronic copies)? Remember how you said you wanted to study X language that isn't German? You should do that.

And then at the same time there is the much stronger:
I am bored but let's not pretend that doing anything I actually like or want to do is going to happen [because depression].
That is why I get so little done in terms of language study and have to work exceedingly hard to get school work done (which I've been pretty successful at for the past two years).

What is good is that this afternoon I watched 40ish min of German language data, parts of which I will likely analyze for a journal article that will eventually be published and for a class, ended up finding lots of interesting things to look at (perhaps too many things :roll: ). I also ended up studying a bit of vocabulary from Norsk på 123. One of my friends is a heritage Norwegian speaker and wants to learn German. I suspect I'm going to help him with German and he me with Norwegian :)
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Re: Aokoye's Journey Through German (and other languages?)

Postby Elenia » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:13 am

Good to see you back. Seems like the speech data analysis is going well, for which I'm glad!
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Re: Aokoye's Journey Through German

Postby ubaid58 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:04 am

aokoye wrote:Ah yeah I think I've heard of that show but I haven't watched any episodes (because so many options!). I also didn't know that Doku-stream existed. Oh the rabbit hole that this is going to be.

Not a doku but my favorite guilty German TV pleasure? Die Küchenschlacht, which lately I've been watching after Heute ZDF while cooking. It's just such a strange format for a cooking competition show coming from watching American and some British cooking shows. I mean I probably have watched more episodes of die Küchenschlacht than I have of any other cooking competition show (including the English language ones) but it's still rather novel to me. Mind you most of novelty for me comes from the host helping the contestants to varying extents. I think it's actually quite nice, but it's just not what I'm used to.

Dear Aokoye,

I have read your posts. i am struggling to add my vocabulary. I am working with Erkundungen books. Can you please your anki decks for German language from B2 to C2 levels.
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