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Re: tiia's log (Finnish, Spanish, Swedish)

Postby tiia » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:58 pm

Morgana wrote:
tiia wrote:Words such as "Ohrwurm", a word that can be literally translated into English (earworm) and Finnish (korvamato), and still describes a melody that sticks to your head. Anyway the term seems to be far more common in German than in Finnish or English.
I use this word! But you are right, it doesn’t seem to be too commonly used/known in English: the few times I’ve used it, most of the people in the conversation with me haven’t really known what it meant. It’s too bad, because it’s rather an apt description imo of the phenomenon.

Good luck with your medical appointments!

Thanks, next week I'll have the appointments.

The earworm thing: It's just the opposite in German: I would be surprised if someone doesn't know the word. :D

StringerBell wrote:Which metal bands do you really like in German (or any other language)? Good ones are hard to find. Do you like Slipknot? I have been listening to them a lot in recent years. I never used to like metal, but they converted me!

Well, metal bands that come into my mind that acutally sing in German... I didn't like songs in German for a long time, now I'm ok with it, but still rather picky... Most bands I listen to sing in English. I might even like more or as many bands singing in Finnish as in German. Slipknot I know from the name, but they're not really my thing. I'm more into what could be put into the "melodic" category.

Youtube algorithms start now working as well: they suggest me now some more metal bands in Spanish. Interesting to see is, that all (?) the comments are written in Spanish, while in other cases I feel there's always some English comment as well. This could become really interesting.
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