Cavesa's 2016 log

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Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:40 pm

The most boring title ever, hopefully the content will be better :-) Should I find a better idea, I'll rename the log.

I have still one more post to write in my 2015 log, to close it, but it is high time I started the new log.

My goals and plans:

Maintenance: French and English. Using the language, hopefully some grammar review (as I can see new mistakes appearing in my writing. No wonder), new vocabulary that will appear in books, movies, and so on. Funnily, I still have tiny bits of 2012 Double SC going on :-D

Active learning:
One of the two priority languages for January and February.

My level? Passive C1 (nearly perfect when it comes to standard european Spanish and some of the american variants, worse when it comes to sounthern spanish Spanish and some of the americans variants), active? I suppose around B1. I can express myself and solve a lot of situations somehow, I have quite wide vocabulary, the weak point is still the grammar. I understand it, I just still cannot automatically remember and use all the tenses, especially where the usage is a bit more different from French.

What am I gonna do? Courses, workbooks, memrise, tons of books and movies (my long term plan is to read 20000 pages and watch 20x90 minutes in Spanish), speaking and writing whenever an opportunity arises. And I would like to pass a DELE this year, hopefully B2.

My other Jan-Feb priority language.

My level? Still a beginner, I started during the winter semester and 6wc.

My plans: All my usual tools.

The cursed one I always take breaks from.

My level: not that bad comprehension, worse active skills, still stuck on the same obstacles. Somewhere between the beginner and intermediate stage.

My plans: similar to Spanish, even though everything is harder in German.

Possible beginning/new beginning:: Russian or Swedish BUT the probability is not too high.

Overall 2016 plan It + Es are a priority until my interview for the Erasmus exchange. I need to be in the B levels by then. I would like to pass one or two language exams this year and to finally get my German somewhere more useful. I plan to have lots of fun with books and tv series and so on. I hope to be more diligent than usual. :-) My long term reading+watching plan: I want to do an Advanced SC similar to the French and English one for Es+It+De, as it has been the key to my success. However, I have found out how hard it is to fit into a normal schedule, therefore my plan is to complete all that between February 2016 and December 2018. And of course, my previous hours and pages from the Spanish SC count in :-)

Enough planning!
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:41 pm

book+movie list

end of January
end of February
end of March
end of April
end of July
end of September
END OF 2016

4750 pages still needed for the 2012 ASC book part, the movie part had been completed on time. After that just reading for fun.
medical textbooks 50p
4700 pages left
part of R.Jordan:The Shadow Rising: 655pages
4045 pages to go
one shorter dermatology textbook, 200 pages
3845 pages left
END OF 2016

570 pages and 630 movie minutes left to complete the 2012 ASC! After that: fun and maintenance.
Le coeur d'encre: 94m
Kaamelott Livre 6: 80m + 145m
Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec 98m
570 pages and 213 minutes left
Le dernier chasseur des sorcieres 142m
Michel Robert: L'Ange du Chaos 500p
70 pages and 71 minutes left
Les Revenants 15m
Tolkien:Contes et Legends inacheves, le Troisieme Age, first half, 101 pages
COMPLETED BOOK PART, 56 minutes to go
Book:Coeur de Loki by Michel Robert
Book:Sang-Pitié by Michel Robert
Book:Hors-Destin by Michel Robert
Movie: Chasseur:La reine des glaces COMPLETED MOVIE PART
Series:Tango,half the first episode, didn't like it much
Haut-Royaume 2, l'Heritier, Pierre Pevel
Homo Vampiris by Fabien Clavel
2 dubbed crime movies, not too good, cannot even remember the names
Daredevil, season 1
Nephilim by Fabien Clavel, two books- Les déchus, L'éveil. over 1100 pages total
Belle de Mort, Michel Robert
Entropia (Autre Monde 4) by Maxime Chattam
Guerrier des Lunes, Michel Robert
Oz, Maxime Chattam
END OF 2016

Personal challenge: 200x100 pages and 200x 90 movie minutes. Counting in previous challenges means 134 movies completed and 5000 pages completed. 15000 pages and 5940 minutes left
Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Las luces de septiembre: 306p
Cuéntame cómo pasó 72m +70m
14694 pages and 5798 minutes left
Julian Sánchez: El Anticuario 457p
Águila Roja 80m +157m +450m
14237 pages and 5253 minutes left
Aguila Roja 480m +960m +240m
4118 minutes and 14237 pages left
Aguila Roja 150m + 220m
3748m and 14237 pages left
Aguila Roja 4x80=240 min
El Ministerio del tiempo 13x70=910 min
2598 min and 14237 pages
Aguila Roja, 9 episodes, approximately 70min each =630 min
14237 pages and 1968 minutes
336 pages De muerto en peor, Charlaine Harris
304 Muerto y enterrado, Ch.Harris
END OF 2016: 1968 minutes left and 13596 pages

The same personal challenge. 20000 pages and 18000 minutes left
Shannara 22m + 81m +41m
Gotham 133m +43m +84m + 127m +86m +213m +129m +129m
20000 pages and 16912 minutes left
The Shannara Chronicles 40m +40m +80m
Dracula 42m
Gotham 88m
20000 pages and 16622 minutes left
Gotham 42m +42m+43m +42m
Shannara 39m +80m
Quel brutto delitto di campo de' fiori 312p
19688 pages and 16334 minutes left
Gotham 85m + 84m +40m
16125m 19688p
Penny Dreadful 1249 minutes
14876 minutes and 19688 pages
373 pages: Licia Troisi:Cronache del mondo emerso 1-Nihal della Terra del Vento
Jessica Jones, season 1, 13x 45 min=585 minutes
14291 minutes and 19315 pages left
Daredevil, season 2: 13x55=715 minutes
END OF 2016: 13576 minutes and 19315 pages left

The same personal challenge. 20000 pages and 18000 minutes left
END OF 2016 the whole challenge left
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:41 pm

my progress bar garden, the most updated post in this log.
Purpose: help me finish those many great resources I start but cannot keep working with due to laziness and lack of motivation.
When it comes to older resources, I will add there the number of parts/chapters that had already been completed before January 2016 like this: (5)

Gramatica de uso A: 107 / 107(53)
Vocabulario B1: 34 / 34
Viva el Vocabulario A1-B1: 38 / 38(6)
Viva el Vocabulario B1-B2: 24 / 24
Gramática B1: 34 / 34(4)
Gramática de uso B: 63 / 116

Učebnice současné italštiny 1: 12 / 26 (5)
Italština: 3 / 39 (3)
Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1: 37 / 67

Klipp und Klar: 34 / 99 (34)
Sage und Schreibe: 17 / 99 (17)
Assimil El Alemán active: 19 / 100 (19)
Assimil El Alemán passive: 62 / 100 (62)
Übungsgrammatik für Anfänger: 27 / 186 (27)
Němčina nejen pro samouky: 6 / 30
Lernwortschatz Deutsch: 190 / 190

The Great French Review
assorted stuff: 33 / 127
translation exercise book: 0 / 120

Abandonned for now. Rotting just like those few dust particles of Russian and Polish left somewhere in the depths of my brain.

Finnishadded in September
Assimil passive
Assimil active
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby iguanamon » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:42 pm

Happy New Year, Cavesa! Welcome back! Best of luck in 2016.
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Mohave » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:51 pm

Happy New Year!

I look forward to following your log as always! ;)
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Elenia » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:00 pm

Looking forward to following your log again in the new year. Your amazing reading is one of my inspirations and goals for this new year. Luckily, I don't really have a normal schedule, or really any kind of schedule at all right now, so hopefully I can get in a lot of reading time. The only problem is my sticking power :? Good luck with all!

(PS., I'm always here on the other side of the Swedish-learners border, waving kanelbullar and miles of unconjugated verbs at you :P )
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby garyb » Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:03 am

Good luck with Spanish and Italian, I'll be following as usual!
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:01 pm

Thank you very much for such a warm welcome into the new year!

Elenia, you had chosen a wrong nickname, it should have been Mefisto. :-)

I've begun this year in quite a traditional manner: ill. It's not too bad, it just causes some problems at uni as the medical faculties do not expect the students to ever get ill and discourage us from it by various means. The silver lining: I've already finished one book and one movie. Spanish: Las luces de septiembre. The last part of the trilogy and I liked it the most. My reading skills are certainly improving too. The movie was a dubbed one but still. Le coeur d'encre. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading the book (in German).
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:37 am

Another post today, I must be a graphomaniac :-D

Finished another movie or rather a few episodes of Kaamelott. Livre 6 is still good but somehow worse than those before. Or it might be just my opinion. It is situated 15 years before Livre 1. And I am a bit sad as it looks like Livre 7 is never gonna be made, the creators don't have the money it seems. Guys, I am not glued to my laptop all day, watching tvseries (or at least not totally whole day), I am splitting movies to fit into several days usually. :-)

Some active studying: Italian!
1.Memrise review of 265 words I have learnt in my favourite course. My success rate was about 75% which is not that bad considering the month or so of a break.
2.Started a great resource I plan to get through soon: Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1 (A1-A2).
Some of the lessons are review of things I had already learnt in my basic courses but with more examples and in a bit different structure. I am making significantly fewer mistakes than before, which is good news. There is some new vocabulary which I keep looking up not only in a dictionary but as well on forvo. Forvo searching makes my learning a bit slower but the effort is already bringing some fruit: I am guessing pronunciation of new words mostly correctly AND with correctly placed accents! But I will keep working with forvo for some time, it is still mostly and not always and for sure. It will take me time to sound natural enough.

I am still looking for a better log name. After the drunken snail's journey and the bookworm's adventures, this one seems really dull. Any ideas, my dear friends and readers? I've been having only bad ones so far, such as Cavesa's folly, Battlestar Linguistica, Procrastinator's path, and so on.

Have I already mentioned my Christmas presents? My wonderful dad had basically let me buy them for myself (during sales, it would have been a sin not to buy anything ;-) ) and then sponsored them, wraped them in a beautiful paper and placed them under the tree. There is the second tome of my Italian course Učebnice současné Italštiny, an awesome looking Spanish grammar workbook, an awesome looking Russian grammar workbook, and a dictionary of Russian-Czech false friends. It looks like I'll have to dive back into Russian later in 2016.

A few questions worth reasking for me:
1.still looking for authors to start my Italian reading with. Fantasy, polars, historical fiction,... anything like that! Any ideas? I need just a few and it will be easier to find more. Is Eco difficult?
2.buying Russian books from abroad. Any good and not too expensive eshops? I've noticed the Russian books in Czech bookstores are quite overpriced, compared to those in other languages.
3.Italian reader/fan blogs or websites? Noteworthy publishers?
4.Italian vocabulary workbooks?
Thanks in advance for any piece of information

and 5.Really, is there no Italian TAC team?
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Re: Cavesa's 2016 log

Postby Cavesa » Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:27 am

I couldn't sleep tonight. So, after the four units of Italian grammar (which I enjoyed but needed to focus on a lot), I relaxed with ten units of Gramatica de Uso and eight units of Viva el vocabulario. The Spanish exercises are much easier now than a few months ago. The Super Challenge is a miracle :-)

Tomorrow/today/I don't know anymore, I'm gonna study for my uni classes in the afternoon. But I'll try to make some time for languages as I am highly motivated now.

Btw I counted the weekly dose of reading and watching needed to complete all my input challenges :-D
387 pages and 273 minutes weekly, that isn't too bad, I am pleasantly surprised. Now I just need not to get behind the plan.
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