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Re: Perseverance - learn to stay motivated in language, learning and life

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:51 pm
by tai
It has been 2 months since I last updated - Just want to keep this post (and my hope) from dying.

Assimil Spanish with Ease - lesson 53/109
Glossika (web app) - Spain 697 sentences, Latin America 600 sentences

In these 2 months, I have mostly been working through Glossika's review to fit in my tight schedule after work. Work just get the better of me and I have almost fall into depression. Anyway, Assimil has temporarily given way as its relatively steep curve of progression I could not dedicate enough mental power for post-lesson revision at night... Damn, I wish I had done better. :lol:

Instead, I have switched to listen to Duolingo stories and podcasts, and skipped over the unknown words the first time I listened then went back to read the English translation afterwards. I still can't help but try to find out what tense this verb is.

I have completed Language Transfer but the later half of the course didn't quite stick in my mind, compared to the revelation-like feeling.

Still working out what's the best way forward to resume Assimil - I really liked that one.

Re: Perseverance - learn to stay motivated in language, learning and life

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:57 am
by tai
Last update was in February.. Seems it's time to renew this log.

My daily job situation has not improved, me being dragged into more projects to help on the project administration and business analysis with only vague high level requirements from stakeholders. I am thinking of switching again after almost 2 years in this post which I originally expected to be more like data scientist / architect... I have figured out (finally? or once more?) that I really like technical work much more than my current half-management, half-secretary public sector job. Yes, this job has security, but I miss the days of being a software engineer.

My mother went through a major surgery successfully last week and is recovering well (thank God). The preparation before and support after her surgery have me dedicated much energy psychologically. These are moments of revelation. What really matters in life? Love, family, happiness. I think I will look for a shorter hour yet more satisfying job to spend more time with my family. I'm really grateful for this revelation.

As an aside, I also reflected on what my interests lie - well, I love to visit bookstores and I would spend half of my visiting time around the languages section. Not sure how far I can go in terms of outcome but I guess this will stay as a lifelong journey.

Assimil Spanish with Ease - lesson 43/109 (re-do)
Glossika (web app) - Spain 787 sentences, Latin America 631 sentences
Language Transfer - lesson 50/90 (re-do)

What a shame in this period. :(

For many days, I could only do consumption of Spanish materials and call in a day, even though I didn't understand at least 50% of it. I have been listening to podcasts like NHK World News at times.

I am still not yet out of the re-do loop for Assimil (never get past 53/109). I feel strongly that I need a textbook to match up with Assimil by having more grammar exercises.

My 2nd attempt at Language Transfer has been great and the things have started to fall into places as the 1st attempt has somehow made it easier for me to actively respond.

Following the advice from Atomic Habits - Tracking progress is really important for consistency - at least have a tick for each day.