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Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:07 pm
by Serpent
About Italy in Russian:

This one has English subtitles. She has a few more videos in Russian with subs.

Spontaneous speech, can be challenging :)

Same. She also occasionally code-switches to Ukrainian (not in this video)

The noises animals make in Russian and Italian :)

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:10 pm
by Serpent
i wrote this on fb but can't resist sharing everywhere :lol: warning: profanity.


in russian dick (huy) keeps ruining innocent words :lol:
the letter h (x) user to be called "her" (pronounced kinda like the first syllable of jerez). however now the name of the letter itself is deemed too obscene (in the alphabet it's called ha). well it's been seen as obscene for like 100+ years.

"hernia" also used to exist in russian as a medical word but that got ruined too. it's now seen as a derivation of "her". it actually got parallel versions like huynia (more obscene obv) and fignia (milder). btw figa (fig) also got ruined by loose association, it's mostly used to mean a relatively mild gesture (same as "got your nose"), but the dick connotation is still present somewhere in the background.
these all roughly mean bullshit nowadays, and perhaps exist mostly because to "suffer hernia" used to mean to skip army (as rich kids did), and hence to be lazy, do nothing etc. nowadays the connection with the army is gone.

the current word dick is ruining is hren. it means horseradish but people often chuckle/blush when they use it, and the other meaning is used as a pun in marketing etc.

edit: also, "nifigá", "nihuya", "niherá", "nihrená" means nothing (not a fig/not a dick). these are also used in synonyms of "nichego sebe" (wow), and I guess that's why they're normally written as one word nowadays... lol can't help remembering a joke about describing fireworks to someone who hasn't seen them - "first there's nihuya, and then nihuya sebe!" :lol:

nihuya also eventually developed an antonym in "do huya/dohuya", or again a more mild form dofiga :D these mean "a lot", smth like "up to the dick".

oh and of course there's the golden trio of nahuy, pohuy, nehuy, which are covered by urbandictionary*. they're often shortened, perhaps both to make it ambiguous whether you mean nahuy or nahren, and because they're so common :lol: German nach also makes us laugh, and there are some puns about that :D

*nehren/nefig/nehuy are basically nechego

glossary: хуй, хер, херня, хуйня, фигня, хрен, фига; страдать хернёй (фигнёй, хуйнёй); нифига, нихуя, нихера, нихрена; ничего себе; дохуя, дофига, дохера, дохрена; нахуй/нахрен/нафиг, похуй/похрен/пофиг, нехуй/нехрен/нефиг/нечего

btw i refuse to use kh for the russian x until ppl learn that it has nothing with k and it's never pronounced as k. just say h and it's close enough. (i'm speaking of those who aren't learning russian!) if you want to discuss this part of my post please do it outside my log

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:52 pm
by Serpent
Radioclare wrote:Serpent sent me a link to travel video in Russian about Montenegro so I watched that a few times, understanding a bit more each time. Apparently there's a monastery in Cetinje where they have a relic of the hand of John the Baptist :o
This was the video btw:

I'm not necessarily too keen on all their videos, but I liked this one :)

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:35 am
by Serpent
About corrections: they're very welcome, even (especially?) in English. As my profile says, I prefer British English (and European Portuguese).

Some requests:
-Don't explain your corrections unless it's something very specific and obscure. I'll ask if needed.
-I make plenty of typos, and sometimes my hands type a more common word/form automatically (this includes omitting -s). If the mistake is really basic, it was probably correct in my mind but came out wrong. And yes, if you catch a typo, please tell me, no matter how long ago I wrote that (even on the old forum :lol:)
-I edit my posts a lot, both before and after submitting, and sometimes I mess up (move/replace the wrong word, forget to change one of the surrounding words etc). Again, please let me know, but don't assume I don't know the "correct" way to say that. As a mod I can also edit my posts without an indication of that being shown.
-Specifically, I know I still make mistakes with the articles, and I'm sure I occasionally use the wrong tense (especially when it comes to the past perfect or past conditional). On the other hand, I know when to use a/an, but I may forget to change the article when editing.
-I'm fine with using non-British expressions every now and then, and I'm also always curious to know how you would say this or that thing as a native speaker (in a natural conversation or monologue). I may be inconsistent with things like ize/ise and it honestly doesn't bother me. I'm also fine with sounding informal here (and normally don't want to sound too formal). I like the Oxford comma but only when it's really ambiguous otherwise.
-Corrections from fellow non-natives are also welcome! So is feedback about the formatting etc.

TLDR Corrections are always welcome, but bear in mind that whatever mistake you catch is very likely to be a performance error (but I still want to fix it!). I probably know the rule (in English and Finnish at least).

Feel free to share your corrections by PM or here in my log. Wow this got long :lol:
Also, just reminding that I'd like my log to be free of ableist language.

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:43 pm
by Serpent
Selling some language books (scroll for more). Also some non-language stuff :roll:
In Moscow or via avito/youla delivery. delivery fees don't apply if we just meet somewhere and hang out as friends :) По-русски тоже можно писать, конечно.

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:48 am
by Serpent
a youtube channel in ukrainian with english subs: ... 47cKZ2aXHg

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:58 am
by Serpent
Totally random movie scene about learning to flirt :lol:
Only linguistic comments please, PM me if you want to speak about gender.

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:41 am
by Tristano
Lol фига is quite brilliant. Just a warning, don't set your browser in Italian and then use Google images, especially if
- you're not interested in women and
- the is someone behind you. NSFW

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:00 am
by Serpent
is sfiga less rude btw? (I know the meaning is different)
and wow tbh I never realized that the connection with genitals is due to the fig leaf story :shock: :oops: Funny how it's actually pretty arbitrary.
wiki also says in Italian ficcare has influenced the associations :lol:
(figere in Latin, which also means to nail... so that's what PT ficar means historically :o)

edited my original post btw :D

Russians also find Luis Figo's name hilarious and back when he was an active player there were many puns about показать фигу (show the fig - to deny/reject someone)

Re: Serpent's cyclic log

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:50 pm
by Tristano
Well Luis Figo sounds funny also in Italian because figo means cool.

Sfiga means bad luck btw. It is not something you would write in a book but it is not very rude.