Sanjiu27's French and English Journal (2020)

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Re: Sanjiu27's 2020 French, English and Other Languages Log.

Postby betise » Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:29 pm

sanjiu27 wrote:
betise wrote:hi sanjiu! i'm also learning french, just wanted to see if you'd heard about RFI's J, another transcripted intermediate resource you might like. there's also, whose videos' all seem to have transcripts.

i stopped reading La peste somewhere in the middle, myself, but the other Camus works you listed were really enjoyable for me. hope you like them. seems like you enjoy literature a lot, judging by your(pretty intense!) English choices.

Thanks very much for the suggestions! I wasn't really sure of adding "Journal en Français Facile" to the list because some people said in Reddit that it is not actually that easy, but I'll give it a try :D. I didn't know about euronews, it's definitively a great resource. They speak quite fast there, but I guess that you have to get used to it at some point of your learning process. I'm going to add both, thanks again.

I'm already familiar with most of the books from the French list because I read them back in high school as required or suggested readings in my literature class, so I hope this time I'll enjoy them a little bit more in their original language. In addition, I usually enjoy books that speak of the absurd, the despair, and/or the harshness of the reality of everyday people - such as John Fante's Ask the Dusk and John's Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath -, so I've sort of great expectations for "La Peste". Why didn't you like it that much, if I may ask?

You're welcome :)

I have similar tastes in literature! As for La Peste, it was less that i didn't like it and more that it just wasn't quite grabbing me like the others eventually did. I also had other books to read for school, so I kind of just let it go. I plan to finish it(after i get through the book i'm currently reading, Courrier sud...also somewhat boring to me but has some nice diction/prose) but yeah, don't let that stop you.
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