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Re: Play It as It Lays [FR, KO, ZH, AM]

Postby an onyme » Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:25 am

S11M3WK3: 2020 July 06-12: Journal
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FR: Français [French]

Forgot to set aside time to do anything besides SRS again, again, again! Whoops, again, again!

KO: 한국어 [Korean]

If I had neglected everything else in my life, I could have put aside the last ten hours or so to finish up Korean Grammar In Use - Advanced. I also totally forgot my goal of doing a TOPIK practice test by the end of this M. Oh well! I also started to add monolingual cards to my one-way Vocab deck, which has been a journey in realizing that I know about 10% of the Korean I need to understand word definitions in a Korean dictionary.

ZH: 漢語/官話 [Mandarin]

Really regretting how badly I ended up making my Vocab deck, since most of my study time this WK was spent rectifying that. Made the decision to begin adding vocabulary words to SRS again, with the very normie goal of getting through all of the HSK vocabulary cards.

AM: አማርኛ [Amharic]

With the reduction decelerating so much, it may take as much as an M for my SRS to dip below 15m/D.
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