Amy's Spanish Viaje

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Amy's Spanish Viaje

Postby Amy » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:01 am

So I had been absent from the forum for a while, only to find that most everyone had moved! iguanamom was kind enough to point me in the direction. On the plus side, I am apparently the first Amy to register, which allowed me to drop the "in Brooklyn" -- convenient because I no longer live in Brooklyn! Just one of the many changes over the past few months. I've moved to California, changed jobs and broke up with the Spanish-speaking boyfriend who was the whole reason I even started trying to learn Spanish in the first place. (Although I do think the fact that he never wanted to help me was a sign!). My Spanish took a bit of a hit with all the changes, but I have kept up. When things got really crazy, I just wanted a lot of telenovelas.

My recent update from my old log:
Then in July, I went to Honduras to help build some schools. It was my first experience really trying out my Spanish (there was no English fallback). It was a total motivator to keep going. My comprehension is pretty great (thank you telenovelas!), but my speaking isn't as fantastic and I'd like it to be. It's funny how what comes out of your mouth is about three levels below what you actually know! I'm planning on going back to Honduras in February so I'm really motivated to keep going. Plus! I'm determined to make it to 1,000 hours of study. Right now, I've put in 835 hours of study. Since, I'm now driving to work, I've been using that time to study Spanish. I'm still working my way through FSI (on unit 41) and trying to watch telenovelas on the weekend. Thinking of starting back up with italki for some conversation practice, but any suggestions of Spanish study that can be done in the car would be appreciated.

Almost to my 2 year anniversary of Spanish study! Can't believe it!
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