2020 - C1 in German by june

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Re: 2020 - C1 in German by june

Postby tungemål » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:34 am

This log ends now, or at least I make a temporary break. Thanks to all who read it and who motivated me by commenting!

The dialang test was interesting. It brought my lofty self-image down to earth. I had these results:

  • listening: C1
  • grammar: B2
  • vocabulary: B2
  • reading: B2
  • writing: B2

On the one hand, I didn't reach C1, but on the other hand I improved my German during these months, and I don't think C1 is completely out of reach.

I will get back to this thread in november if I decide to do the Goethe test.
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