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Re: Bex 2020 log: Back to basics [ES]

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:21 am
by AndyMeg
Bex wrote:Thanks AndyMeg it's really helpful to have another perspective and hear of things that have worked for you. Really appreciated.

This got me thinking about writing more and how it would help me to review/apply what I am learning before I forget it, especially as your writing in English is so good.
AndyMeg wrote:...I don't do this much because I usually prefer to communicate in written form and because it's not that easy to find native English speakers in my city/country; so speaking is my weakest skill in English...

I wondered if you thought all the the writing you did helped with your speaking as well or there was no noticeable improvement.

Do you think that all the writing you have done has helped you improve your speaking (as a by product) or did just your writing improve?

Sorry that I took so long to answer!

This pandemic has affected us all one way or another and I had to prioritize other things, so I was away from the forum for some months.

I hope you can achieve your goals and things get better for you and your family.

Now, answering your question: I do think all the writing I did helped me with my speaking in the sense that it helped me to become more accustomed to thinking directly (and faster) in English and it helped me gain a better understanding of slang and expressions that are not teached in textbooks or traditional classrooms (when I didn't understand the meaning of some slang or a particular expression, I would either look for its meaning on Google or ask the people I was talking to to explain the meaning to me). But there are still things I need to work on in relation to my speaking. For example, I have trouble with some sounds and sometimes I talk too slowly because I'm consciously trying to get those sounds right. Also, as a side effect of the disproportionate amount of time I invested in reading during the early stages, I got into the habit of mispronouncing some words by saying them in a weird mix of how I would pronounce them in Spanish and how they should be pronounced in English (this is not a problem with non-Latin scripts as long as I don't use romanization, but it has made me pay more attention to the pronunciation of other languages that use the Latin script so that the interference from my native Spanish doesn't become a problem as it happened in/with English).

Re: Bex 2020 log: Back to basics [ES]

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:38 am
by Bex
Looks like I'm out of the SC... I've literally done no reading or listening whatsoever!!

I have now passed 2 out of my 3 work based exams planned for 2020 and I'm hoping take the 3rd before Christmas kicks in.

What's interesting with my Spanish this year.....
1. Despite not studying in hasn't become noticeably worse.
2. I think that my Spanish might actually be better when I speak.

I think this may be due to me just using what I've got, not trying to use new constructions all the time and just relaxing over the whole process.

Maybe a break was exactly what I needed.

Since my basics are pretty good I can understand the gist of a lot of TV & written Spanish, especially if I know the context, so now I'm just considering how to improve my Spanish in 2021, without going back to the intensity and pressure I created in 2019.

Re: Bex 2020 log: Back to basics [ES]

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:06 am
by Bex
Plan be tweaked as required.

I'm going to focus on enjoying the process and not focus on the goal.

- No target's
- No pressure
- If I'm not enjoying = change or quit.
- Focus on enjoyment, not progress or usefulness.
- Definitely don't do random stuff because I read it worked for someone else!

With the above in mind I'm going to start with...
- listen to podcasts
- watch YouTube
- read news
- anything I'm drawn to
I'm not going to save any vocabulary but I will look up words or grammar points if I feel the need to.

The idea is just to consume as much as possible, if it's not enjoyable I'll switch to something else.

I am going to focus on finding enjoyable content first and hope this leads to me upping my time spent with the Spanish Language itself.

I'm not going to set target's like '100 hours" or "1 hour every day" because I'm lucky enough to be living in my target language country and so I spend some time with the language everyday without even trying, what with advertising, shopping etc.

I used to enjoy spending my time just listening to Spanish but then I started focusing on making it more productive by adding in studying, grammar and targets, which led to me avoiding the language altogether because it felt like work!

My 2021 focus is to try and get the love back ❤️