Rdearman Super Challange & Output Challenge

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Rdearman Super Challange & Output Challenge

Postby rdearman » Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:59 am

We'll I haven't done much with language learning at all, and I've basically parked my Super Challenge work. Although I did manage the Film section there just isn't anyway I can find the time to read at the moment. However I'm post my last results and hope I can return to it soon. The Output mini-challenge for this month was a script and I didn't manage that but I did start on the "write a song" challenge, so I'm going to try and spend a little time and complete that and upload to youtube.

I will be doing a bit of train commuting this week, so hopfully I'll progress some French reading.

=== Last update in old log below ===

I have managed to read a book in French while commuting on a train this week! Yay, some progress. But I'm rapidly falling behind, I've pretty much given up, my only hope now is that my workload & travel should taper off after September, so with luck I can get back on board.

--- SC Statistics ---
French : 59.3 books : 112.3 films
Italian : 55.6 books : 100.3 films

Reading Averages Change
French: 0.996 books per week --> 0.941 books per week
Italian: 0.948 books per week --> 0.882 books per week

The number of French books at the end of challenge at current rate: 82.82
The number of Italian books at the end of challenge at current rate: 77.65

--- Output Challenge Update ---

No progress yet this month on output, but I'm going to have a go at my little mini-challenge for writing a song. How hard can it be right?

--- Output Challenge Statistics ---
Italian : 1177 words : 80 minutes
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