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69. Reality check (ja)

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 7:43 am
by Teango
Japanese #14 (10h)
  • Completed Lesson 5 in Genki workbook!
  • Watched: "Easy Japanese" videos #11-19; Lessons #1-3 of『エリンが挑戦』(Erin's Challenge)
Well that's everything I'm supposed to study for my Japanese course this Fall! All done but far from dusted. As a reward, I tried to read a bit of "となりのトトロ" (My Neighbor Totoro) and...うーん、ちょっと...not a chance!! Merely midway through N5/A1, I feel like a starry-eyed microbe looking back up the barrel of a microscope. So after that reality check, I settled down again to some easy listening and surfed through the remaining "Easy Japanese" videos (it's such a shame they didn't continue this series). After that, I started working my way through the videos for "Erin's Challenge", which are educational but easier to understand overall. Ah well...every little step, onwards and upwards...この小さな微生物が頑張ります!(this little microbe will do its best!)


70. Grin and pear it (ja)

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2022 7:53 am
by Teango
Japanese #15 (6h)
  • Watched Lessons #4-9/25 of Erin's Challenge.
I've continued watching Erin's Challenge to improve my listening skills and it seems to be working. Although my vocabulary is extremely limited at this stage, I'm already starting to pick out many more words and phrases that flew over my head before. The anime character Sensei "Honigon" (anagram of "nihongo"), a smarmy-looking pear-creature who prefaces every few sentences with "じゃあ...", is super annoying. However the main character is quite sweet and the rest of this educational series is tolerable albeit dated. I think I'll put up with the annoying pear and see it through to the end; after that, it's Fruit Ninja time for you, buddy!


71. Silent period (ja, de)

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 9:27 am
by Teango
Japanese #16 (4h) | 0 Image* 5
  • First wave of Genki Lesson 6 (my own way).
German #1 (3h) | 3 Image 1
  • Watched several Easy German videos.
I had major dental surgery on Tuesday and will be in recovery for a good while. It hurts like hell, and for now, I'm on liquids and soft foods, and unable to talk or exercise much. This hasn't stopped me from learning languages though, and I'm continuing my journey with Genki, albeit in my own way (not the university course way). I've also decided to fire up my German study again, focusing mainly on listening for this first project. After all this time, it feels good to be back in the saddle with German!

* What's this little blue book next to each language? This is my playful attempt to keep a visual track of how many books I've read (number on the left), and pieces I've written since 2022 (number on the right). Once I've read 12 different books (min. 12,000 L2 words each, textbooks not included), the left-hand page of the icon will change color, and when I finish 120 pieces of writing (again, textbooks and exams not included), the same will happen to the right-hand page.


72. Soft food (ja, de)

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2022 7:30 am
by Teango
Japanese #17 (4h) | 0 Image 5
  • First wave of Genki Lesson 7.
The grammar sections in Genki are really ramping up now, and the deluge of exercises in the wake of each lesson take up nearly all of my time. This is seriously putting me off Genki altogether, to the point where my wife recently suggested I switch over to Assimil. But being a stubborn goat, I still want to finish this textbook one way or another. That was the plan after all. So to avoid further pain and misery and speed up proceedings, I'm going to skip the exercises and skim through the notes during my first wave in future, focusing on vocabulary and listening skills instead. Maybe then I'll be better prepared for my second push through the textbook.

German #2 (2h) | 3 Image 1
  • Read pp. 1-15 of "Miss Merkel: Mord in der Uckermark".
I reKindled [excuse the pun] a light and entertaining Krimi that I purchased back in July 2021 but never read past page 35. It's so much more fun learning a language through stories with the help of an online dictionary! However my reading proficiency seems to have taken a big dive since I last read Hesse's "Siddhartha" back in 2010. And much to my surprise, when I began, I could shamefully only translate 90% of a sample of text taken from the beginning of Ch. 7. Perhaps I was unlucky with the sample, but one thing is clear...I've got some serious catching up to do!


73. Speak up, dear (ja)

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2022 7:36 am
by Teango
Japanese #18 (12h) | 0 Image 5
  • Preparation for exams and speaking assignments this week.
Time to start burning off the Thanksgiving calories in preparation for putting them all on again over Christmas and New Year. And on a similar note, it's time to get back to Genki reviews and get in shape for all my academic assignments this week. Just 4 conversation sessions followed by an oral exam tomorrow, and one big written test at the end of the course left to go!