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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:44 am
by Iversen
SE: Моја телевизор ће приказивати одмах програм под називом "Балкан Бок" ("Balkan Box" ) с Бусти жена вокала у голе и мушкараца са црним наоцарима и чудним браде-фризура. На жалост, они певају, али можете чути нит назад у аутентичном народне музике са Балкана, који сам користио инспирацију за неколико композиција - иако, на жалост, музике са непарним балканским ритмовима, које није нарочито лако играти, али ако први пут чуо ритам, није тешко играти музику.

EN: I have found a solution to my upload problems at the score site - its 'old skin' still works. But the case illustrates the dangers of pilfingering with anything in the machine room.

RU: Я видел очень интересную телепередачу на английском языке, но она сказала процесс викинги в России и Польше. Хорошо известно (из летописи Нестора), что царство Киева был основан тремя братьями с Севера - наверное Швеции ("Ruotsi" на финском языке). Некоторые другие викинги основали королевство соперника, но это было принято в семье Киева. Беженцы отсюда отправился в Польшу, где, возможно, далы импульс к действию, что польского король пришел к власти в 'Wielkopolski' (ныне Poznán). Другие пошли в Константинополь ("Miklagárðr"), а некоторые даже пошли в Грузию, где они погибли. А потом все они были ассимилированы.

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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:21 pm
by Jar-Ptitsa
about music, I planned to record and post some more pieces from the first violin book, but I ahven't played during the last about 2 weeks, or maybe 3, not sure. i was tired or busy. I will do that soon and with a quiz for you and Jeff who must name the pieces from the list :)

Did I tell you that I've got a piano pupil? hahaha. incredible. he is 7 and he thinks that I am wonderful, so he wanted that I am his teacher. I told him that I don't know about teaching and my piano level is not advanced at all, but he didn't care about those, and his Mum said that he loves the lessons with me and she pays me what she pays his brother teacher, which is ridiculous because I am not a teacher or pianist. anyway, we use a nice book which has got a CD for the backing tracks, like I've got with my violin books.

Good luck with your compositions on the website.

Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:43 pm
by Iversen
That's marvellous! Not only you teach your pupil, but you also have a good reason to continue learning yourself. And you even earn money - yeah!

Speaking about music: if you want to see the whole of the nocturne you almost could play then it can be seen and downloaded from this page.

SP: Puede sonar como un cambio de estilo, pero en este momento mi televisión muestra Eurosport. Menciono esto porque he accidentalmente visto un clip con la entrenador del equipo nacional de fútbol femenino de Ecuador, que supuestamente fue el entrenador nacional más joven nunca en el mundo - y la FIFA (probablemente) la honró por esto. Su sentencias fueron interpretadas en danés, pero de tal manera que se pudiera escuchar la mayor parte de sus propias frases antes oír la versión en danés. Ayer tuve que abstenerme de asistir a un espectáculo de viajes prometedor porque 3SAT lo destruyó: la hermosa voz en alemán suizo en de la periodista (tambien hermosa) fue ahogado por la 'dubbing' desagradable peró habitual en alemán alta. Dime, si la gente está interesada en viajes exóticos, ¿cómo puede ser que le molesta aprender a entender un sabor exótico de su propio idioma? El próximo será bien que sirven fondue con chucrut...

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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:19 pm
by Jar-Ptitsa
Iversen wrote:That's marvellous! Not only you teach your pupil, but you also have a good reason to continue learning yourself. And you even earn money - yeah!

Speaking about music: if you want to see the whole of the nocturne you almost could play then it can be seen and downloaded from this page.

Thanks, yes it's great. i don't know how many lessons he wants, but at the moment, 30 minutes each week. I worry that I will mess up, but it seems he doesn't mind for example if I forget one book or we look at the wrong page etc (he's got two books, one is playing the other is technique and theory). we have played some duets (the book has got the teacher's part) as well as the CD when the pupil must play a very easy part, for example the same notes every time, but switch hands.

Yes, it's a good reason to continue learning myself, to play the teacher's part in the duets. Until now, they were easy, but they will be more difficult I suppose. You can buy the teacher's guide, but I don't want to read it, it looks too complicated!!

He's quiet, he doesn't ask questions.

Yes, I'd like to play your composition and I've found and printed the page which you had put on the website (Nocturne). It's a longer excerpt than the other one before. It's quite difficult, I must practise it, but anyway, I think that you didn't want a recording or that someone record it.

Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:13 am
by Iversen
I don't mind that you record the nocturne if you are sure you can do it - but you shouldn't feel any pressure. After all I have kept my own old and terribly bad recordings for myself because the ugly sound of them would make any serious music lover's ears bleed. I opposed it last time because a recording of just the first few bars would be meaningless.

I have spent a few days away from my computer, but I did bring along some printouts in other languages so it has not been totally wasted time. However the major part of my reading was spent on Danish newspapers and a consumer magazine ('Tænk'), and they had a number of articles on computers and informatics which might deserve a comment. A couple of the articles dealt with the time Google stores your search and location data - in principle forever, although you can empty your history. But does this only make the data invisible for yourself or are the data data really done away with for good? Nobody knows... As for the location data they come from your smartassphone, if you have got one - I don't know whether my old Nokia also reports my position, but it might do so - though not necessarily in a storage place accessible to Google. But I noticed one thing I didn't know, namely that the free version of the anti virus product AVG also grabs your search history and sell it to commercial partners (that's why it''s 'free' - no really free lunch here). And nobody knows how to empty your history in that company.

Even more scary was the newspaper article about ransom ware, i.e. the kind of malware that sneaks into your system and at some point encrypts your data files and demands a hefty ransom (without any guarantee that you get them back even if you pay up). In principle payments through paypal should be traceable, but it doesn't seem to be happening in practice. The scary thing is that you don't have to be idiotic enough to press dodgy links on homepages or in emails from strangers - nowadays the criminals can spoof people on your friends' list. And you may risk that your backup also is contaminated before the ominous message appears. I have one portable computer that simply never is on the internet - maybe it's time to store my permanent collection of music files etc. etc. there and do all my revisions and upkeep there instead of doing those things on a computer that is connected to the big bad internet.

It is a pity that such things may become necessary, but the fact is that the way our computers work has been deliberately designed NOT to be safe. One early error from Microsoft was to allow other providers to mix their own dll's (or versions of dll's) with those supplied with the machine (dll's are small program snppets used to make your computer work). In the old days short executable files were typically .com files, and the long ones were .exe files with supplementary files, and everything belonging to one program was typically placed in one catalogue. But programs nowadays are so complex that it's hard to say what belongs to each program, and they are free to mingle with each other. The latest versions of Windows allegedly have a zoning system that protects the operating system, but sorry, if that was enough then we wouldn't have the problem with malware we have. As long as there is a mechanism that can install an update (include updates to Windows) without even telling you, then there also is a way malware can enter it.

And the bling bling first movers who want things to function automatically in spectacular ways and use functions from several different programs in any given operation are driving this dangerous development forward. Frankly, isn't it COMPLETELY idiotic that you can store harmful code in a .jpg picture file? Who didn't think ahead and predict that pictures could be infected with vira? And no, I don't trust that our antivirus programs can keep on protecting our computers forever. I have earlier been able to cure my own former computers from different kinds of malware (including one rootkit) witrh the help of some clever antivirus software plus my own knowledge of the systems, but in the article about ransom it appeared that a victim had tried to get help from several specialist security companies, but to no avail. So he lost 15 years' of work - including the data copies on his backup. Bad luck - a really rotten day at the office!

The internet is increasingly becoming the digital parallel to Snipers' Alley in Sarajevo, and we are the targets..

I'll write more about my mini holiday later today.

Artwork near Sarajevo airport - Snipers' alley went from here to the town, and I walked along it in 2003 (when peace had been restored)
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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:33 pm
by Tomás
I using a Chromebook for Internet browsing is one way to greatly increase your security.

Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:24 pm
by Iversen
EN: Ok, I promised to write something more about my Fionian mini holiday two days ago, but then I looked at my old cello concerto and decided to revise it instead. I have still not filled out all the parts, but now that I have reached the end of the score it's time to do something else. Like for instance writing about languages. Today I watched a program about superhuman memory capacities on TV, and among players of multiple blind chess games, people who can make Rubik cubes behave in a flash and other wonders of the world there were also a couple of language learning brethren. Like Tammett they were asked to prove their provesses by learning a language in one week - except that these people first were asked to learn Low German (they already knew High German) and then Maltese. Maltese would of course be the main test, since it is a Semitic language spoken by a tiny population who all also are fluent in English - not an easy target if you are a tourist with one week's stay ahead of you.

L GE: Dat versteiht sik vön sölvst, dat die twee Bröder Yourden sien Lernvermógen schölen bewiesen, so die TV Lüü hebben ehr die Upgoov stellt, een Taal in blots een week te leer - nee, twee talen in twee weken: Platt un Maltesisch. Vöör Lüü die Hoogdüütsch fleeten spreken is Platt seker nich bannig schwöör (aver segt dat nich toe die Norddüütschen vün de groten Städte, die glöven dat 't unmööglich is vöör moderne Menschen). Maltesisch is wat totaal önners, aver we hebben die Bröder in Gespreken mit Marktlüü en drie Richter (wie in X factor oder Düütschland sien grootste Stimmen)) seehn, un dat wöör heel övertügend - aver we hebben veel te wenig höort vün die Yourdens un sien 29. taal, un ook wenn we meer seehn haarn, wöör ik nich imstanne ehr Könen te oordeelen.

DA: Da jeg var i Odense, besøgte jeg blandt andet Bymuseet i Møntergården. Det har længe haft den gamle fløj ('Renaissancegården'), men for lidt over ti år siden blev det udvidet med en splinterny og meget moderne afdeling. Den har dog et lille problem, nemlig arkitekten. Når man har set udstillingen og står nede i kælderen ved et kæmpestort æble af sorten Ingrid Marie, er der tydelig skiltning til garderobe og toiletter - men ikke til udgangen. Personalet prøvede at sætte et beskedent lille skilt op, men nej - når arkitekten ikke selv havde valgt at anbringe sådan et skilt, skulle der dæleme ikke være et. Hun kunne heller ikke lide den potteplante, som personalet havde lusket sig til at anbringe i et hjørne. Den skulle væk. Basta!

EN: This reminds me of an old joke: What is the difference between the chief physician of a hospital and God? Well, God knows he isn't a chief physician.

LA: In museo civitatis Othaniae (in insula Fionia situata) animadverti librum pedagogicum lingvae latinae, scilicet "Aurora Latinitatis", de Thomae Bangii anno MDCCLXXIX scripta, sed in usu commune usque ad saeculum XIX. Etiam translatio danica vetusta iucunda et festiva lectoribus est. Ego lingvam latinam ex alio libro disci, scilicet "Latinsk Læsebog" (Liber legendus latinus) Kristiani Mikkelsenis ex anno domini MDCCCLXXVIII, cui editio (hactenus) ultima anno MIIM datur. Iste liber etiam mihi utilis fuit cum nuper concisci latinam meam rursus exiliter resuscitaret.

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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:55 pm
by Iversen
I have been watching German television for several hours today, and right now I watch a nature program from NRK in Norwegian. They tell about "Dyrehaven" (a park in the Northern part of Copenhagen), but with Norwegian names for the birds and animals. Most are easy to understand, though is some cases you have to find the parallels outside Danish. For instant they say "trost" for the Danish "drossel", so here the closest parallel is the English word "trush". We share "drossel" with the Germans. On the other hand an ant ('myre' in Danish) is called "maur" in both kinds of written Norwegian, and a hawk ('høg') is called "hauk" in Norwegian.

By the way, when I checked the Norwegian words in the Norwegian book-WIkipedia it informed me that hawks aren't members of the same order as falcons any more. Since the introduction of cladistic tables based on DNA a number of changes have been made to the scientific nomenclature. I already knew that the kondors etc. from the Americas were closer to storks than they are to hawks and falcons, but now the researchers have found that falcons are closer related to parrots and swifts than they are to hawks - and then the falcons (and caracallas) got their own order. And if you can trust the Norwegian and the Danish Wikipedias the term "rovfugler" in Norwegian has somewhat unexpectedly remained with the smaller group, ie. the falcons.

The English Wikipedia article about the hawk-group uses the Latin name Accipitriformes, so maybe the Anglophone scientific world has dropped the old term "bird of prey" :

The Accipitriformes are an order that includes most of the diurnal birds of prey: hawks, eagles, vultures, and many others, about 225 species in all. For a long time, the majority view has been to include them with the falcons in the Falconiformes, but many authorities have recognized a separate Accipitriformes. As of 2008, a recent DNA study indicated that falcons are not closely related to the Accipitriformes, being instead related to parrots and passerines.

.. - but the falcons remained with the hawks in the article about "bird of prey" in the English Wikipedia, although they now are placed in two different orders:

The diurnal birds of prey are formally classified into five families of two orders.

Accipitridae: hawks, eagles, buzzards, harriers, kites, and Old World vultures
Pandionidae: the osprey
Sagittariidae: the secretarybird
Falconidae: falcons, caracaras, and forest falcons
Cathartidae: New World vultures

These families were traditionally grouped together in a single order Falconiformes, however are now split into two orders: Falconiformes and Accipitriformes. The Cathartidae are sometimes placed separately in an enlarged stork family (Ciconiiformes), and may be raised to an order of their own (Cathartiiformes).


The nocturnal birds of prey – the owls – are classified separately as members of two extant families of the order Strigiformes:

Strigidae: "typical owls"
Tytonidae: barn and bay owls

Btw. I'm quite puzzled as to how this earth shattering information hasn't reached me long ago...

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Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:41 pm
by Jar-Ptitsa
Your birds post is great!!!!! It's interesting how they are categorised. for me, the big difference between the owls is when they have got ears that stick up, or invisible ears, but of course this isn't scientific haha. Owls are wonderful, and they are very diverse as well.


Iversen wrote:I don't mind that you record the nocturne if you are sure you can do it - but you shouldn't feel any pressure. After all I have kept my own old and terribly bad recordings for myself because the ugly sound of them would make any serious music lover's ears bleed. I opposed it last time because a recording of just the first few bars would be meaningless.

I tried it, but I can't play it. I find it difficult to read it and also to reach the different notes. It's too complicated for me, my level isn't advanced on the piano. so I won't record it. It seems a beautiful piece, maybe another person can play it and post their recording. I don't think that your own recordings would be so bad, you are probably too self-critical.

Anyway, I was extremely anxious and not feeling good the last about week or I don't know how many days, maybe 2 weeks. I couldn't sleep because of poisoned food and getting mycotoxins etc so now I will eat only the food which I have bougth and cooked not my Mum's etc. I wish that I didn't think about what to say or the stupid things that I said so much, many people don't and they have calmer lives. you can delete this if you don't want it in your log.

I will record the violin pieces before easter, I hope. Easter is nice, and the weather is sunny but not too warm, which is nice.

Re: Iversen's second multiconfused log thread

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:31 am
by Iversen
EO: Estas domaĝe, se miaj pianopecoj estas tro malfacilaj - sed mi ne atendis ke aliaj ol mi mem iam vidus ĝin, kaj mi kalkulis ke unu tago kvalifikitiĝos sufiĉe per ludi ilin - sed tio neniam okazis. Mi ankaŭ skribis iam aron de studoj (vidu la verkoliston en IMSLP) - sed ili estas ankoraŭ pli malfacilaj, ĉar mi antaŭ longa tempo povis ludi violinon reative bone kaj skribis ilin pro defigi min mem.

Kiam mi enregistris la pianajn pecoj, mi devis ludi ilin tro malrapide, kaj tamen okazis multaj hezitu-paŭzoj. Mi riparis la registradojn akcelante ilin kun la programo "audacity", kaj mi forigis la superfluajn paŭzojn. Sed mi ne povis korekti la multnombrajn malĝustajn notojn, kaj la ĝenerala ritmo iĝis tre malstabila. Sed mi scias kiel devus soni kiam mi legas la notojn, kaj tio estas la ĉefa afero - almenaŭ por mi mem. sed eble ne por aliaj homoj..

Nuntempe mi estas revizanta mian unuan kaj (bonŝance) nuran violonĉelo-konĉerton - mi skribis "bonŝance" ĉar tio estas granda laboro. Estos baldaŭ skribopaŭzo ĉar mi havos farendajiton en Cluj dum la sekva semajno, sed poste mi intencas malpurigi eĉ pli muzikopaperon - feliĉe mi trovis vendejon kie oni ankoraŭ vendas inkon por fontanoplumoj. Ekzistas notoskribema programaro, kaj vi ankaŭ povas gravuri muzikon uzante klavaro kun drato al komputilo, sed tielan programaron mi nek komprenas nek havas, kaj mia klavaronludadendikapablo estas nuntempe ege rusta. Do mi sidas en mia fotelo kaj skribas libere, kiel mi ankaŭ faris en la malnovaj tagoj - fakte en la sama verdeta fotelo, kiu nuntempe nur simple estis divenita konsiderinde pli eluzita.

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GR: Αλλά δεν μόνο έχω γραπτέί νότες- Σπούδασα επίσης ένα άρθρο σχετικά με μια έκθεση της αντίκες κοσμήματα στο Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Μυκόνου. Σίγουρα δεν θα πάω εκεί - επισκέφθηκα την Θεσσαλονίκη πέρυσι - και καθόλου δεν φορω κοσμήματα (τρέμω άρρωστος στη σκέψη!), αλλά είναι αναμφίβολα μια ενδιαφέρουσα έκθεση.