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Re: iwanttolearn's French and Spanish log(s)

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:42 am
by iwanttolearn
I didn't stick to my schedule but I was able to practice French everyday last week. I keep on skipping Duolingo stories, even though I know they'll be quite useful. Ive finished 10 lessons from The Great Courses, only 20 more to go :roll: , my goal is to finish the course by the end of April. It is a pretty good program I just wish the cahier d'excercices was more detailed. Using the Horizons textbook to reinforce what I've learnt is quite helpful. The verb book is awesome so far, I now have a better understanding of verb forms and their conjugations. I don't know if my understanding of French is improving because everytime I think I've learnt something, I get confused all over again :lol:

Today I watched Rust and Bone and understood like maybe 5% of the dialogue, it's a good movie if a bit cliche.

I might start French lessons in April, hopefully they'll be useful and help me get fluent-ish by June. This week, I hope I actually stick to my schedule even though it's goingto be an insane week.

My goal for Spanish is to get my Duolingo skill tree golden by June too. Then I'll start a reverse tree.

Re: iwanttolearn's French and Spanish log(s)

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:12 pm
by iwanttolearn
To paraphrase that insect guy, life is what happens when you're making plans or something like that...

my week in french started out strong but then I got ill . i was only able to complete 2 3 lessons from the great courses this week; however said lessons were challengng but i don't feel like i am flailing about like i was last week.

on the plus side, i was able to use duolingo and paul noble quite effectively, i feel as though i am instinctively making connections between both sets of french lessons.

my plans to register for lessons have stalled, ah well shit happens.

i didn't watch and/or listen to any french programes this week.

i have been thinking about french verbs and numbers a lot, like a whole lot. i have come to the concluscion that i need to memorise them, instead of relying on some sort of instinct.

as always, i have been praticing spanish with duolingo and i've come to realise that my spanish vocabulary is quite big, props to me!

**update: I squeezed in 1 more lesson from the great courses, and it was fucking hard. it was on relative pronouns and I do believe "qui vs que" will be the death of me.