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Re: Willfr’s French Language Log

Postby Kraut » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:01 am

badger wrote:the quality & availability of subs on opensubtitles.org is a bit variable, but it can be worth persevering. I've had some good subs from there - Stranger Things, Un Village Français, Le Bureau des Légendes, etc.

I do find it strangely difficult to get French subs - or strictly speaking, closed captions - for French programs. are there no deaf people in France who need them?

They are there, and tons of them. Look for the symbol of the ear
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Re: Willfr’s French Language Log

Postby willfr » Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:21 am

2020 Week 3 & 4

Even though I have been quiet from the forum, I have been busy continuing with my French work. I have settled, for now on the following pattern:
  • French lessons with DELF B1 as the focus
  • Additional grammar work to catch up (mostly Kwiziq and verb drills
  • Watching TV (passively, I have not taken the time to download subtitles)
  • Yoga each morning using the app DownDog in French (I hadn't realised that this was, slowly, drilling me in certain verbs and body parts)
  • A handful of social engagements and various appointments this past couple of weeks
  • Continuing to read very - very - slowly

The one thing that threw me off course was illness. When I was sick, I could still 'keep up' with some French (TV, the online lessons I'd booked) but it seemed very difficult to entertain any other French 'work'. Though in much the same way that other habits seems much more unpleasant, or difficult, when sick.

Thank you for everyone's helpful comments and feedback. I hope I will have more time over the coming weeks to become more engaged on the forum.
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Re: Willfr’s French Language Log

Postby munyag » Thu Oct 28, 2021 10:34 am

Its been more thanx a year now.Where are you with your French?
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