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Tips to learn english

Postby patriciamerlobruno » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:55 pm

Hi everyone,
My name is Patricia and I am 15. From my 11 years studying english I’ve learnt a few tips which can be really helpful for you in order to learn a language.

First of all, if you get used to the pronounciation since you’re a child, your comprehension skills will highly improve and in some years you will understand any conversation.

Besides, if you want to learn vocabulary, there are 2 good ways of doing it: On the one hand you can read as many books as you can (written in original version) and on the other hand you can listen to music of native singers.

I hope you all follow my advices since you won’t regret it. :D
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby Iversen » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:52 pm

Hello to all of you.

You generally stress that this forum might be a good place to practice your English, but it is more than that: it is a place to pick up new learning methods, including methods to study at home, and it is also a place where people discuss other languages than English. English may be your main target right now, but you can just as well start thinking about what you do after English.

And just one question to all of you Alginetians from Valencia: do you also speak Valencian?
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby Jaleel10 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:14 am

Hi to all the new guys

I'm Jaleel. I am from South Africa. I am studying Spanish as a hobby and have been going at it for almost 9 months now. If you ever need a language exchange partner, please feel free to pm me. I'm always in need of Spanish practice and I'd love to help you with your English in return. Like Iversen said, this is a great place to pick up new learning methods and see people discuss other languages but it's also a place where you'll meet lots of lovely and helpful people. I hope you enjoy it here!

Soy Jaleel. Soy de Sudáfrica. Estoy estudiando español como hobby y llevo casi 9 meses aprendiéndolo. Si alguna vez necesitáis un compañero de intercambio de idiomas, no dudéis en contactarme. Siempre necesito practicar español y me encantaría ayudaros con vuestro inglés a cambio. Como dijo Iversen, este es un gran lugar para aprender nuevos métodos de aprendizaje y para ver a la gente hablar de otros idiomas, pero también es un lugar donde conoceréis a mucha gente encantadora y servicial. ¡Que lo paséis bien aquí!
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby NoManches » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:52 pm

Hi everyone, most people on the forum know me, but since we have a bunch of new users I'll introduce myself (again).

I started to learn Spanish (and take it seriously) in October of 2012. Previously I took a few mandatory Spanish classes in High School and hated the experience because I wanted to speak Spanish, not do grammar exercises and study vocabulary lists all day long. My Spanish courses in college were very similar: lots of grammar, some reading, and hardly any emphasis on speaking/listening. Then in my 3rd year of college some cool things happened: I started to travel to Mexico very frequently. Most of this travel was for fun in my spare time. I also had the opportunity to work on a research project and a community development project just across the border. I was also able to enroll in a few college classes that actually took place in Mexico and were designed for native speakers (we had a partnership with a Mexican university). Finally I was able to put my Spanish skills to use and was using the language on a daily basis with native speakers. I fell in love with the language, Mexico, and Mexican culture. Along the way I've made some really awesome friends and have had some amazing experiences. Now my goal is to keep improving my Spanish until I reach as close to a "native" level as I possibly can. I do this by having fun with the language: lots of TV/movies in Spanish, lots of reading and listening to Spanish podcasts, and I try to converse as much as I can with Spanish speakers.

This forum has been a huge help to me and I owe a lot of my progress to some of the active members here.
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby Elenia » Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:45 pm

Hi all! I'm Elenia, and I talk a lot around here. I'm mostly known for encouraging other people to study ridiculous languages they will never need while not doing any work of my own...

I'm a native English speaker, and my best TL is Swedish. I'm focusing on Swedish at current, but I also try to remember German every now and again. I studied French for eleven years, but have mostly forgotten all the French I ever knew. I have previously played about with Dutch, Finnish and Portuguese, and I almost almost-started learning Korean a while ago. All of these languages are still on my hit list, along with Romanian, Polish and Swahili.

Welcome to new members, current and future!
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby S.Martin » Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:12 pm

Night, I'm Sandra!
This is my first post here. I'm a native Spanish speaker. I study English since I was six, and I did four years of French, too.
In my opinion, the best way to improve English language, is seeing films and series in their original version with subtitles. And, when you become familiar with it, you can quit subtitles, and just challenge yourself. It will be hard in the beginning but it will be worth it!
Another thing I usually do is to listen and sing in English. There are a lot of incredible new English singers, as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and classic ones as Oasis, The Smiths, Police and more.
I encourage you all to practise this tricks, you'll see the progress soon!

Nice to connect with you! :D
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Re: Your Language Learning Strategy...In 50 Words or so

Postby mivaob » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:55 pm

Hi, I'm Michaela and I'm studying at the I.E.S Hort de Feliu in Valencia. If I'm honest, my English level for the course I'm in, is low, but every day I try harder and always try to watch the movies and series in English or talk to my boyfriend in English. It is simply practice and perseverance.
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby bobajeff » Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:55 am

Hi everyone, I'm Jeffrey. My native language is English and I'm from the U.S. I love to travel. I've been studying Mandarin (on and off) using Michel Thomas and Pimsler audio courses. I have an interest in learning several languages including Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Cantonese (always changing list) I plan to go to a Spanish speaking country in the near future so I'm thinking on picking some up on the side. I'm looking into doing more comprehensive input based methods like using something like substudy/subs2srs with anki and do what emk calls "cheating and consolidating".
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby eido » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:31 pm

I'm eido and I'm not a necessarily new forum member. I've been here since January 2018. My best TL is Spanish, which I've been studying since I was fourteen. I want to learn many other languages, but I think I've narrowed it down to what I want to learn. I'm inexperienced and inconsistent, but I'm always on this forum. I'm willing to hunt down resources for you if you have any questions about language learning or any languages I'm interested in. Welcome all. Let's get along.

Soy eido y no soy necesariamente una miembro nueva del foro. Me inscribí en enero de 2018. Mi mejor lengua de destino es español, lo cual he estado estudiando desde que tenía catorce años. Quiero aprender muchos más idiomas, pero al menos creo que he elegido los que quiero aprender. No tengo mucha experiencia y no soy coherente, pero siempre estoy navegando este foro, en línea. Estoy dispuesta a buscar rescursos para ti si tengas alguna duda sobre el aprendizaje de lenguas o sobre los idiomas en los que tengo interés. Bienvenidos a todos. Llevámonos bien.
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Re: Introduce yourself here

Postby Spoonary » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:26 pm

Greetings everyone!

I'm not sure whether we're all expected to introduce ourselves here, or just those of us whose language pair is Spanish and English :roll:

I'm Spoonary, I did a Spanish degree (2011-2015) and I am currently trying to recuperate the Spanish fluency I once had.

I would also like to improve my speaking/writing ability in Esperanto and Italian and I plan to learn German and Greek in the near future.

If anyone thinks chatting to me is worth their time, please feel free to send me a pm or come and write on my log :P
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