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Re: How to Prioritize Language Learning Skills

Postby Carmody » Thu May 17, 2018 6:51 pm

My reflexes ask: Have you overlooked the 5th paper, the Structure one? It's actually on grammar.
I liked the (Greek) Writing paper but the Structure paper is probably more useful if you're only going to do 4.

I find your response to your test results interesting. Do you think, for example, rdearman's Dialang results in French were inflated as well, or mine in Greek? That I really, I mean really, have very poor Oral comprehension, and rdearman has worse? That'd be so sad to know :cry:

1-smallwhite, you are one very astute individual. Yes, I did overlook the 5th paper, the Structure one for 2 reasons...1-by the time i got to it i was already 3 hrs. into the testing and i was seriously wearing down. 2-also, i did not know what they meant by Structure, and did not want to push my luck.
2-smallwhite, you and rdearman are certified Polyglots. You guys are years ahead of me. I would never in a million years think to judge your guys and your performance levels. All I do know is that I respect you both very much and am grateful to learn from you guys. Seriously.
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