Babel fish-ish development

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Babel fish-ish development

Postby lavengro » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:57 pm

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Re: Babel fish-ish development

Postby Altbringer » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:21 am

i saw an ad, i believe on TV, and looked it up

it sounded nice, till you read the fine print that says that,
although the "pixel bud" earphones will work with most newer android devices
the translate function will ONLY work on the pixel 2 phone

also it functions through the "google assistant" feature
and translates words directly with no context

so youll have the same problems that already exist with the google translate app and web function

at the moment, bings web function translator is more accurate
so unfortunately google is behind in thier own game still
even after thier claim of "progressing more in the past year, than in the past decade"

case point, try to use the google translate app for what it was origionaly intended for
point it at a sign, or product label in a non english language...
and watch it have a siezure, flashing between words, half of which have no relevance to anything in frame

personally, back in the day, i was fully ready to go full broke on google glass, even though i had no income
ive been waiting for something akin to a "universal translator" with an auto-researching encyclopedia, and biographic roll-a-dex
since the mid 90's,
i really hope, since google seems to be the main persuant of this tech, that they decide to step up thier game
cause so far, they've been "overly optimistic" in thier persuits, and delivering mediocrity with thier side projects

not saying anything about thier primarys like web browsers and thier phone, just the so far gimmic fails like glass, and translate
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