You know you're a language nerd when…

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Re: You know you're a language nerd when…

Postby AndyMeg » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:03 pm

Bluepaint wrote:
AndyMeg wrote:When you find interesting videos in a language you don't know. And while most people ask for subs in their native languages, you decide to add the video's language to your "languages that I would like to learn in the future" list. :roll: :lol:

Pray tell, which language is it?

This has happened to me several times so the list keeps growing. It includes languages like: thai, malay, mandarin chinese (which I actually started to learn, but which is currently "paused"), cantonese, tagalog, etc. (It also happened to me with korean: I was browsing japanese videos and I found a k-drama. And then I started to consume more korean content than japanese content. Until I finally decided to start learning the language).
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