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Re: Post silly questions here

Postby Thala » Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:23 am

AML wrote:What word do you struggle to pronounce in your native language? I don't like saying the word "asked". :?

In Bulgarian, клоун (kloun). There's some weird o/u and l combination that I just can't do. I try to avoid the word completely because there's just no way it's coming out of my mouth without making the room laugh :D
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Re: Post silly questions here

Postby brad-alm » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:50 pm

RE: Pronunciation of German W and V.

In the past, German speakers usually pronounced English W as V, but in younger generations this is far less common.
Also, German speakers had difficulty with the voiced and voiceless TH (as in THE, THAT and THINK< THROUGH, respectively);
they usually pronounced these as S and Z (THIS THING AS ZIS SING!!) . With the exposure of Germans to American music, music,
etc. these difficulties are far less common in the younger generations. They usually pronounce (British or North American) English
virtually flawlessly. (Recall that German letter V is pronounced as F (Volk, Vater) in NATIVE GERMAN WORDS. French or English
loanwords spelled with V they pronounce as (voiced) V (pronounced as German letter W)).

that's all for today!!

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