How to learn from watching videos in target language

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Re: How to learn from watching videos in target language

Postby badger » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:37 pm

elsmandino wrote:2. What is the best way to watch a piece of video that you are struggling with? If, for instance, I hear a word that I am unfamiliar with, should I write it down and review at the end of the video or pause the video and immediately look it up?

if you're a beginner, I think you'd be doing really well if you 1) aren't having to look up (literally) half or more of the words. 2) can pick individual words that you don't know out of full-speed French. 3) can spell those words you've picked out well enough to look them up!

I've just started doing some of the exercises on TV5Monde & am finding them very useful. each one has a few minutes of video suitable for a particular CEFR level, then some questions so you can't kid yourself that you've understood it. ;) there are no subs, but there is a transcript (in French) that you can look at if you want. here's the link:

I've also just watched "Un Village Français" (all ~70 hours of it) with English subs & now I'm starting over with French subs - I have managed, rather unusually, to find really accurate French subs for it.
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Re: How to learn from watching videos in target language

Postby elsmandino » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:20 pm

Bit of an update on this - I struggled on with watching that 70s show, in French, with a copy of the hypnoweb transcript to hand.

To be honest, I found it a bit hard going.

Even with the transcript, I was constantly looking things up in a dictionary - there were loads of slang words and lots of references that I probably would not have understood, even if I spoke fluently.

For example, it took me ages to work out that "Roberts" was a slang word for breasts, but as this did not immediately pop up on an internet search, I assumed that there were referring to another person.

I am wondering whether a sitcom is a particularly bad choice for learning as a beginner - there are lots of examples of US and UK remakes of the same show (The Inbetweeners, Men Behaving Badly, The Office etc) and that is with the same language.

I can sort of see, now, why something like Buffy might be a better choice.

I do think I am trying to run before I can walk.

I think I shall perhaps stick with documentaries and news shows or at least find something that is perhaps more serious.

Badger - I might check out Un Village Francais. Has the potential to be a bit more comprehensible.
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Re: How to learn from watching videos in target language

Postby Cavesa » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:47 pm

Or you could try to get out of the beginner phase first. Really, the coursebooks are not evil, they can help you get through this fast and you'll find a much wider range of tv series more accessible. I am all for using tons of tv series, but I think forcing oneself too early is not that efficient.

Sitcoms are particularly difficult, I'd say. They are based on playing with the language in various situations. I'd say Friends is the only exception that people tend to find not too hard.
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